Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Greetings and Salutations

Guten tag.

I'm getting ready to write on the fairy book again. I've been moving more slowly than I'd like on it, but I think (I HOPE) I'm on the mend.

With regard to life, the universe and everything: James is doing well. Don and Cathy have almost got everything back together after the house fire. (UGH--major sympathy for them!). YO HAS A BOOK OUT!!!! WHOO HOO!!! I'm behind on my paperwork. The puppy is responding well to training (I'm doing it based on what I've been watching from "The Dog Whisperer" and have read and seen elsewhere. I haven't completely screwed up the elbow (only moderately screwed it up.) I still need to spend more time on Myspace, but haven't done it. And so on.

Basically, life is just being ordinary. What a wonderful relief. :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weird Ramblings and a Rant or Two

Weird Ramblings and Ranting
I mean because actual ramblings would be... like... boring... seriously.

Okay, I would like to start with a couple of weird quirks. Have you ever really looked at some of the things we say as "turns of phrase?" I mean, "baited breath," what? Their breath smelled like worms and stink bait? EWWWWW. Or how about "It cost an arm and a leg?" Graphic violent content -- and WOW aren't those prosthetics amazing.

On to the next -- I have a problem. My dog eats cell phones. Actually, not the whole phone. No. Just the soft chewy BUTTONS.. Which makes operating it. . . interesting. I try to remember NOT to leave it lying where she can get it. But I am occasionally careless and a doofus, particularly when I am late to work, or exhausted from work. (The day job, not the writing. Writing does not have health insurance and is oddly energizing until you've done it for twelve hours straight and your body is locked in the keyboard sitting position. But I digress. . . )

Item third -- Cathy and I were talking about writing. (Co-authors occasionally do that, but don't tell anyone.) The discussion brought home something that has been occurring to me more and more lately. There is this HUGE difference in perception from the person you are in your twenties to the person you are in your late forties AND MOST OF THE TIME YOU DON'T NOTICE IT because it was so gradual. My mother told me once that you spend your entire life feeling like you're the same age and everybody else keeps getting older. (Particularly the kids. The biggest shock for her? "When in the heck did my GRANDBABY get old enough to have a baby?") ANYWAY, I'm having a hard time. For example, text messaging? I don't get it. Why? I'm serious. I've zoned out in meetings, planned my days, nights, and book plots while someone droned on (and on) about things I didn't care about. But I still don't think that is nearly as rude as texting would be. Also, it DRIVES ME CRAZY that texting has created a culture where spelling is completely irrelevant and grammar sucks. And it carries over, into blogs and forums and (from what I have heard and read in critique spots) holy **** people are actually submitting MANUSCRIPTS like this? I don't think I'm a literature snob. I actually don't LIKE most 'serious literature.' But basic grammar and spelling are important to me. I like being able to actually read a book without an interpreter and massive brain farts.

Item fourth -- What IS it with people creating malware? WHY? WHY? You don't even KNOW me and you're picking on me. For CRYING OUT LOUD (another phrase -- see second paragraph above) all I'm trying to do is run a bit of a blog, stay in contact with my family and friends, do a little basic research and marketing, and write the books. AND YOU @#@#(&@#$ have polluted things to the point where it is difficult bordering on impossible to do any (let alone all) of the above without layers of protection. Let me put it this way. YES I believe in condoms and safe sex. NO it does not FEEL the same. YES I believe in all of the protective software. NO I don't enjoy having to scan every time I turn around or risk losing my life's work.

Anyway, I want to do some "friending" but I haven't done it (even though I know it is a great marketing strategy and gets my name out there) because I've had to reformat my computer twice, clean it of viral crap more times than I can count, and I'm JUST LOSING PATIENCE WITH THE WHOLE THING.

THERE, I got that rant out of my system. I feel much better. Now I need to go out and live my real life.

Take care.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Go Rory!

I love hockey. I love hockey because it's kind of the blue collar underdog of professional sports. The salaries aren't (on the whole) out of the stratosphere. The season is long and grinding with a lot of games. The violence got out of hand for a while, but that was years ago. The lock-out sucked, but they've gotten past it. The new rules were an adjustment, but I do think it helped bring the game back from the brink of extinction, so I'm cool with it.

So, for the all star game there was a movement to get a "grinder" a mid-level player who just works his butt off into the game. Since it's fan voting, it was possible (even easy apparently) to tinker. Even though computer auto-voting wasn't legal, it happened in a big way. Rory was the recipient.

SO the league tried to tinker.

I'm thinking that was stupid. They had this big publicity phenomenon going on. The folks cared enough to rig the votes. If a presidential election can have dangling chads, I don't see why Rory can't play in the damned game. I mean, really!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I still love Blogger


OK, I'm on MySpace. I'm blogging (as much as I ever do). But I missed Blogger. I LIKE Blogger. So I'm probably going to be very schizoid and post both places. Different blogs too. Go figure.

Fey book is coming along. I need to write faster, but at least it's moving forward. I'm going to do a bit of writing today, but also I'm going to get rest. I've noticed that being exhausted to the point of slurring my words does NOTHING for my creativity. Go figure.

I've been working through some of my issues again. As with everybody in the world, there are things I just have a hard time with. Learning is never a straight line progress. It's up and down. Lately, I've been down. But it's the new year and I'm coming back with a vengeance. RAWR!

Found a book I've been missing. This is way cool as it is out of print and now hard to get hold of. It's called: Go For It and it's by Dr. Irene Kassorla. I refer to it as "the cheerleading book." On those occasions when I've been at my worst and most depressed this and Tony Robbins CDs gets me back on track.

I know, I know, people make terrible fun of the whole motivational industry. I also know there are people who have spent WAY more than they could ever afford on going to repeated seminars and "coaching" etc. But the fact of the matter is, this book and those CDs really do work for me. When I'm stalled and can't get moving, these two things get me energized and moving in a positive direction. So I recommend it in moderation. It's like alcohol. One or two drinks will relax a normal person and not hurt them. More than that and you could get trashed and wind up with a hangover and/or serious consequences. Use with caution and wisely.

ANYWAY, they work for me. Enough so that I've actually recommended them to other people. (Who it hasn't worked for, sadly.) I even loaned out my copy of the book to somebody who needed it [twice]. Sadly, both times they promptly lost it, leaving me without a copy. I'd pretty much resigned myself to having to go through one of the book search groups to get it [at a painful price probably] when POOF, it showed up on the used bookshelf in an antique shop in the dinky town where I live. I grabbed that puppy and RAN to the cash register.

Well, I actually have the opportunity to sleep in. The dog is back inside having "done her business." So I'm off to bed.

"Adios, au revior, auf weidersein. Good night." (CHALLENGE -- NAME THAT QUOTE)