Saturday, January 24, 2015

Camera has arrived.

WOOT -- the video camera has arrived.  I now need to learn how to use it to post interviews, clips and readings here and to the website via YouTube.

Wish me good luck!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015



There's actually a Wiki page for Cat Adams.  Not C.T. Adams (bummer) but HEY one of my aliases is on Wiki.  How cool is that?

Got the cover flats for THE EXILE and they are FREAKING GORGEOUS.  WOOT!  It looks even better full size.  This, of course means, that I will have them available for giveaways when I send out the next newsletter on 2/1.

When I was in Denver in December I went to the big Barnes & Noble downtown and was treated spectacularly well when I offered to sign stock.  They were sweet, efficient, and flattering.  Too, there was STOCK of my books to sign.  This is a good thing and it made me feel very good about myself and my craft.

Recently I went to a smaller city in a different state and offered to sign stock.  They were not particularly helpful and stopped just a bit short of rude. If it hadn't been for the great experience in the city I would've been pretty low about it--particularly since I'd been questioning whether or not I'm still "relevant" and have fans.

But I'm beginning to think, based on things like responses to my newsletter contests, the Wiki page, the fact that B&N in a major city had multiple copies of my books on the shelves (and some faced out), that perhaps the bad experiences (and there have been more than one) are an aberration, or perhaps a localized phenomenon.

Either way, I'm going to keep going.  But if you have a wild desire to encourage me, feel free.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video Camera

Well, I bit the bullet and bought a video camera.  The goal is to do short video readings to link from my website to YouTube, interviews, and other stuff.  I THINK I can link them to here too.

I'm trying to do new and nifty things that you guys (the fans) might like.  Also getting ready to do some promo stuff like the tee-shirts that are mentioned in the book for giveaways.  We'll see.

ANYWAY, I'm very excited that things are getting back on track.

Best always.


Thursday, January 15, 2015


I'm VERY busy right now.  Only have a minute to stop by and thank those of you who commented, and those who have been visiting with me on Facebook.  I am glad to know I haven't completely fallen off the map.

I'm still in the process of re-designing the website.  No links are up and running yet, but I'm getting pretty pleased with the look of it.  Simple.  That's the plan.

I'll check back in a couple days and let you know that it's finished.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Things are never quite as easy as you think they'll be.

Just when I think I've got a grip on reality, the handle breaks.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What if . . .


I had a thought the other day–what would it be like if characters from my various books and series showed up for a bash.  Who’d come?  Who’d send regrets?  Who’d talk to whom, and who’d be most likely to wind up with a lampshade on his/her head?

Silly, I know.  But I could picture it.  

From the Sazi–Tony might make it–but only if Sue dragged him along.  Might be fun if he brought Carmine, Linda and Babs along.  Raphael and Catherine would surely be there, dancing carefully around the inevitable issues with Tatiana, who’d show up on Lucas’ arm decked in diamonds.  If the Monier family arrived it could get VERY interesting indeed.  I’d hope that Raven could come, but he’d probably be on the road somewhere.

From the Thrall world I’m sure Kate Reilly would make it with Tom.  So would Carlton–who I imagine would be the life of the party, towering over everyone and chowing down on hot wings.

Of course, there’d be LOTS of food, very heavy on the protein offerings.  After all, you do not want your shapeshifters getting hungry.  

Music would be tricky.  What to play?   Hmmnnnn.  Some of these shapeshifters have been around a LOOONG time.  Others, not so much. Should there be dancing?  Might be fun.  Or not.  

Having the Fae show up from the new reality would be interesting as well.  How would the shapeshifters deal with creatures even more exotic than they?  And what do you suppose a Doxie would smell like?

But any way you slice it, it would be unforgettable–and more than a little dangerous.  All those predators . . .   And they might not be that happy with me.  I mean, seriously, I put my characters through a LOT of crap.  Maybe it’s just as well they CAN’T come off the page and in my living room.

But it’s sure fun to imagine.