Sunday, September 13, 2015

I'm Not Sure

There are so very many things I am not sure about.
But I am sure I love my son, and my family, and friends, and pets.
I'm sure that I do my best, even if it often doesn't seem that the best I've got is enough to get the job done.
I'm sure that I've never been sorry to have done something kind--and am constantly beating myelf up about the unkind things I did that I didn't need to.
I am sure that being kind and good are seriously unfashionable.  But they are very important.
I have noticed that people equate goodness with weakness, but I've found it's MUCH harder and takes more strength to be good in the face of a world that is often harsh and cruel.
I don't know where this post is going.  I'm not sure.
But I will keep going, and doing.
Because that's the point of life.
Until it is over.
And then . . .
Well, we'll see.


Thursday, September 03, 2015

So much stuff . . . .

I am going to have a long weekend this weekend.  This is a VERY good thing.  THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF that needs doing.  Edits.  Writing on the next book.  Finish the class I am taking.  Household painting and repairs that DESPERATELY need doing.  Cleaning.  Paperwork.  I am so incredibly overbooked that it's crazymaking.

But I'm happy.


A.  Because I've got this crazy career that is keeping me so busy, and which I love.  Seriously, they pay me to tell stories and pay with my imaginary friends.  How can that be ANYTHING other than a spectacular win?

B.  I have a home that I can tend to.  So many people don't.  And I love my little house.  I wish it were in Denver.  But the house itself is awesome.  And I actually enjoy painting and doing some of that sort of thing.  I LOVE having a product where you can actually see the difference when you finish.  There's a sense of accomplishment with even the little things like WOOT -- I FIXED THE TOILET.  I SO ROCK.

I know.  A little over the top.  But still, it makes me happy.  And I'm big into doing things that make me happy right now.

Okay, gotta run.