Wednesday, February 25, 2009


All right. Some people do go to Blogger. A lot don't. So I'm going to double post with this also on my Myspace site. Because da** it, I want viewers.

That said, I should probably do a "catch up" post so that everyone is on the same page. No. I'm not in Denver yet. Yes, I'm frustrated about that! But I haven't given up. Life has been . . . complicated. But soon, soon. . . .

I took a quiz on Quizilla and have discovered that I am, indeed a (not really so very) Evil Overlord. Well, this prompted my co-author to take a quiz. She is NOT an EO, no, she is a Criminal Mastermind. She seems to think that this is, in fact SUPERIOR. Which is, of course, pigswill. So, while I have been carefully approaching potential (not completely trustworthy) Allies, Superspies, and recruiting, lackeys, minions and sycophants, she has been trying to outdo me. People this is SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please submit your applications to be part of my posse/horde by putting Cie/Recruiting in the subject line of your e-mail and sending it to Note, there will be a identification card, and certain swag associated with participation.

Next, we have decided to do a blog chain. Next week (or the week after) we, and a few other of our writer friends, will be participating in a blog chain. The rules will be something like this: First poster (me) posts the beginning of a story with a cliffhanger, and a link to Second poster (Cathy) who posts her entry the next day with a link back to me and forward to the next poster. We've got a really cool line up, and it looks to be a lot of fun. Hope you'll participate and comment.

Also, I'm going to be doing a "serial" story with installments every Saturday morning. Stay tuned.

In case you haven't looked -- Magic's Design is on the shelves. Green, with a tree on the cover. It's under the new pen name of Cat Adams. FIND IT AND BUY IT -- You know you want to. ;)

Con DFW was a blast. Was great to meet such cool people.

Oh, and Cie's word find problem of the day -- (For those of you who didn't know, I've been hit by lightning and whacked on the head a few times. Sometimes this leads to the traditional 'word find' problems where you can't remember the right word. Usually it winds up odd. Occasionally I find it hysterical.) Instead of the "Scarlet Pimpernel" he was the "Scarlet Pumpernickle." Oops.

Now the Myspace folks have caught up with the Blogger guys. And I'm out of time. Have a great day guys.


Friday, February 20, 2009



Okay, I need this work week to end. Just do. The day job has been stressful as hell lately and it makes me too tired to be very creative. Since the writing is my major income and my joy, life's work, calling, whatever, this is so not a good thing. But the week is ALLLLLLLLLMOST over. I can hang in there. And then this weekend is Con DFW and I get to see Jim and Shannon Butcher and a bunch of my other friends, which is SOOOOOO cool. One of the very best things about the writing gig is that you get to meet and be friends with some of the BEST people.

When I was young (and still now a lot of the time) I NEVER fit in. Always the odd one out (emphasis on the odd). On the one hand, this gave me time to live inside my head, create worlds, people them, and generally indulge my creativity, which is why I CAN write. On the other hand, it can be a very hurtful situation.

I believe everybody in this world wants to be accepted for who they are, and having to pretend to be someone else just to get by is damned painful. At some point in my teens and early twenties, I stopped trying (and became known as a wild woman, raging bitch and several other things until I moved to Denver). One of the reasons I liked Denver was that it was big enough that there's enough variety of people that I really wasn't all that odd comparatively. (I mean, when you can drive down Wadsworth and see someone very calmly walking along the side of the road in a straitjacket [the utilitarian heavy canvas kind, not the kinky kind] trying to work their way out of it and see that nobody else is reacting [and, yes, I did call the authorities---I'm such a poop that way.] you know that a little day-to-day oddity is nothing.) On the other hand, for the past five years I've been struggling to "be good" and keep most of the more outre parts of my personality hidden so that I don't wind up getting tarred and feathered. And it hurts. And I'm beginning to fail at it. Parts of the "real" me are starting to pop out at odd moments. Which is weirding some people out. A LOT. Time to go home to Denver. Hell, PAST time to go home to Denver. And I will go. Just as soon as we get the contract money.


I got some good news yesterday, but I can't post it yet. ARGH! But it made me VERY happy.

In answer to the most recent question in my comments. A serial is a very old-fashioned idea. Goes back to like Dickensian times and Arthur Conan Doyle. They used to have magazines (I believe Conan Doyle was in the Strand, but I may be misremembering). And periodically (like monthly, although mine would be weekly) you'd get a new installment on the story. So, if y'all are interested, I'm thinking that every Saturday I'll post a few new paragraphs on a "Blog Only" story that I will make up as I go along. Now, I have to warn you, there will be no editor, and no two or three passes to make sure it's perfect before it posts, so it won't be "book" quality. And also, because my mood is what it is, we could occasionally take a turn to the weird. But if anyone is interested in this, and feels game, I'm willing to give it a go. As I said previously, I'm thinking of starting with the "Queen of the Courts" story, which is a humorous and non-paranormal story that I have a wild desire to write, but don't think the publishers would bite on because it's kind of "out there."

So let me know what you think. I want to make sure I don't drive off the folks that are kind enough to stop by here.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's SEE here. . . HMNNN

Hello all! Hope you're well. I'm hanging in there.

My esteemed co-author has decided to attempt (attempt mind you) to one-up my overlord status by becoming a "Criminal Mastermind" with underlings. HMPFH! WE SHALL SEE.

On another note -- I am wanting to do fun things with the blog. SO I need the reader(s) input. Do you want to:

1) Have a trivia contest? If so, on one series, or all-encompassing. There would be prizes.
2) Have a Monday Serial installment posted to the blog with an ongoing story that will only be published here. I'm thinking of using the "Queen of the Courts" post-chick-lit idea I spoke of oh so many, many posts ago.

Oh, and Cathy and I are looking at doing a one-week blog chain story with some of our friends as well.

Input would be appreciated -- note, votes from registered lackeys, minions, trusted henchmen and general members of my posse will get immediate attention. ;) So feel free to help me thwart Cathy's plans.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks/Help Wanted/Con DFW

Hi Guys! I only have a sec, so please forgive me if this is a little short/brusque.

First, thanks for the condolences. I appreciate the kindness.

Second, a favor, if any of you have read and like the new book (Magic's Design) could you please go over to Amazon and write a review for us? Normally reviewers cross-post, but they haven't this time, and we've got one good and one bad review at this point.

Finally, Cathy and I will be going to Con DFW this coming weekend. We'd love to see you.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sad Day Today

I'm very sad today. I keep crying. Can't seem to help it.

You see, I had to have Algonquin my elegant elder kitty put down this morning.

There's some debate how old my beautiful girl was. Around twenty-something anyway. James remembers when we got her differently than I do. But she'd gotten very frail, and I could tell she was in pain, so it was time to say goodbye. But that isn't easy when you've spent so much of your life with her.

Sometimes knowing that something is the right thing to do doesn't make doing it any easier.

It may be a couple days before I stop by here again. Take care of yourselves until then.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Hi! Waves vigorously.

Okay, in answer to Dolly's questions:

1) Random genetics rule. The Sazi traits tend to be recessive genes, but occasionally you have double recessives pop up and get a new Sazi in families that haven't had one in generations. No one species is more likely than any other. So Bobby and Asri could get either, neither, or both. Cat and Raphael are more likely to get wolves because it's in his genetics on both sides and she was an attack victim, but you also have to figure in the magic factor too.

2) Three day dogs can, in fact have Sazi children -- Jake from Howling Moon had Jasmine and Iris with his human wife. Holly is an attack victim (turned by Corrine). In fact, it is more likely that a three day dog will have a Sazi child with a human. Weirdly enough. It is a "let's get some new genetic material in the mix and prevent inbreeding" thing.

3) We haven't discussed having Fiona as the lead in a book. So many characters, so little time. . .

That's it for now.



Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thank you all for looking for the book for me. And special thanks to those of you who are reading it! Hope you love it. Right now it is expected to be a stand-alone, unless there is an outcry for more to our editor at Tor.

Feel free to cry out.

Also many thanks to those who are in line to become lackeys, minions, my possee, or trusted henchmen. Your spoils shall be distributed soon.

I am in a very good mood today. In fact, I am in the mood to answer questions. Does anyone have a question they'd like to ask about any of the characters in any of the books? Some esoteric fact that nobody but the author would know?

Or, if you have a writing question that I might be able to answer (but no guarantees, despite rumors to the contrary I am not actually a "know it all.") feel free to ask.

Now is your chance.

Best always.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Greetings friends and neighbors. After yesterday's post I have my very first lackey. In honor of being the first, she gets prizes. (AHA, had you known that, you might have voted sooner. But those of you who did not, do not despair. I may be feeling magnanimous later too. You never know. The whole Overlord thing has gone to my head, making me fickle.)

Let's see, what else.

Cathy and I are both going to the RT convention in Orlando where there will be much merriment. Is anyone else going?

I'm busy writing away. So is Cathy. Books will be produced. Deadlines will (hopefully) be met. RAWR.

Lucky the Wonder Dog has a new "No Pull" harness. AND IT WORKS!!!! For those of you who do not know about Lucky the Wonder Dog, this is an issue. She is a Catahoula Leopard Hound cross with something a little bit bulkier, so that she is large, strong, and a handful. (She is also very protective of me, which is a good thing. (And if you want to see a photo of my baby girl, you can go to my myspace page here and look in the pictures.) Anyway, I got it AND IT WORKS!!! WOOT! (Have I mentioned how much I like this?)

Okay, I've got to go. Otherwise no writing tonight. And I am, after all, supposed to produce books. So bye for now. And keep checking in. And cast your vote. I need MINIONS/LACKEYS/HENCHMEN/TOADIES. Come on people!

Monday, February 09, 2009


Okay, I went to one of those sites that have all the quizzes (Quizilla I think, but I could be wrong). And it told me that I was the perfect Evil Overlord. The thing is, to be an overlord requires REQUIRES minions. I have no minions. This is unacceptable folks.

SO, for a limited time only, we are having a e-mail Cie thing going on. (I'd call it a contest, but it isn't really, because there are no losers.)

First -- the e-mail address:

Second -- you e-mail with the subject line FOR CIE/MINIONS OR LACKEYS

Then in the body of the e-mail you submit your vote -- should my volunteers be minions, lackeys, or "other" (get creative folks).

Then, if you want to receive the SERIOUSLY OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL CARD that I'm going to create just for this purpose you include your full name and mailing address.

The card will include a (possibly somewhat demeaning [or not] because that's just how those evil overlord types refer to people) nickname to which you shall henceforth be referred to by no one other than me, and likely not even that since I have no memory whatsoever.

For example:

Vote - Lackey
John Doe
1234 56th Dr.
Lake Worth, WI 78910


Doe, John Induction Date 1/15/09
a/k/a "Dude" or "HEY YOU!"

With my official signature.

If you have any trouble entering, comment below.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thanks Guys!

Thanks guys!

Cathy got her copies from Amazon, and I really like the foiled cover. :)

So seriously, (well, not really, but SORT of seriously) would you like "minion" cards or some such? I want to reward people who actually do stop by the bog . . . um, I mean BLOG.

Let's see, what else. HMNNNNN, oh yeah. My son is healthy and happy. I'm working on getting back into the rhythm of writing. (I've been a bad, BAD girl). I changed my hair color drastically.

(For those of you who don't know me, this is one of the things that I do when I'm absolutely frustrated with my life. I think it's because it's something I can actually have control over when the rest of my life isn't. (Say, for example, when I want to move, but CAN'T yet. UGH!). But there you go. First I color it. Then I cut it. Then I do something weird like get fake nails in riveting red or some such, which is counterproductive because I can't type worth a damn with them, THEN I get a bunch of clothes in a totally different style. Right now I'm leaning toward going a bit goth, with fluffy stuff in black with plunging necklines for dress clothes and getting a bunch of smart assed tee-shirts, saying things like:

Good Morning is an oxymoron.
Don't get even -- get ODD.

Of course that is TOTALLY impractical for where I am living right now. I am in the buckle of the bible belt. And folks here take things like what you wear REALLY seriously. I've actually had more than one person say that they wouldn't hire a particular person because he has TATTOOS. (I have a tattoo. A small, tasteful little water lily. I stopped hiding it shortly thereafter. It raised a ruckus. I'm not sorry. I consider it a small protest.)

Interesting note. (At least interesting to me). People over 40 have been acting shocked by the hair color. People under thirty have been complimenting me. Why do you suppose that is? I mean, it's a color found in nature. It's not periwinkle blue or anything. (Although that might be fun, I think I'm a bit too old for it.) I didn't even go for black. Nope just a vivid auburn/red. Heck, it's even a very popular color right now. So, should I see if I can manage technology to the point where I post a picture sometime next week? (Which, at the rate I'm going will include a new haircut and my ravishing red nails. I'm SOOOOOOOOO frustrated right now.) Or should I wait until I get one of the daring goth blouses I'm thinking of ordering? HMMNN???

Yes, I know. Over 40. Bad ideas. All of them. Ah well . . .

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


WOOT -- The copy edits for Cold Moon Rising are back to the publisher -- ON TIME.


So, tell me folks, I really need to know -- HAVE YOU SEEN Magic's Design on the shelves and WHERE? Pretty pretty please comment. I need to know who is carrying it and whether it has special attention (face out, display, special placement, that sort of thing). And it matters whether it's a bookstore or the grocery too.

Hmnnnn. How can I award the minions for this service? Hmnnnnnn. Do we give them a special "Minion" ID card? Perhaps have a contest putting the names of the folks who answer in a hat and drawing for an autographed ARC (advance review copy) of the book and a nifty author pen?

What sayest thou oh (I hope) legions of minions?