Monday, April 22, 2013

Guten Morgen

Okay, priority for today.  Go online and find out how to block all comments here since I am very nearly only getting disgusting spam.  (As opposed to actual comments or entertaining spam.)

Another priority is to work on the edits the beta readers have produced.


So far they all like it!  WOOT!

I mostly rested this weekend.  Did a little housework, volunteered a little bit at the library, but mostly rested. I needed it.

Volunteering at the library was fun!  I surprised myself.

My mom was a school librarian (she traveled from grade school to grade school in the district working in the various libraries.)  My aunt was the AV librarian at the middle school library.  I grew up in libraries and love them.  And, to this day, if I see a set of encyclopedias (although written encyclopedias are practically an extinct breed thanks to the internet) I have to put them in order.  HAVE to.  It's a compulsion.

I am volunteering at the local library to get experience.  Although, oddly, all my childhood experience came back to me and I was able to walk right back into it.  I am getting experience because I am hoping to get a day job with one of the Denver area library systems when I move back. It is a good job, and a job I could love.  And while the plan may not work--it's a good plan, and it makes me happy.

Then again, books make me happy.  Go figure.

Think I'm a writer much?



Sunday, April 07, 2013

It is the weekend.

It is the weekend.  I have a million things to do.  I wrote yesterday -- until I was just producing crap and not actually creating anything.  I will look tomorrow to see if I can fix what I may have broken by trying to push to hard and too fast.

The things to do around the house are not going anywhere.  I am pooped.  So I am resting on the Sabbath and figuring that it'll get done somehow, sometime.