Sunday, September 28, 2014

Where I'm At

Okay, I've decided to try to get back on the social media bandwagon in a limited way.  I can't do TOO much, if I do it eats away at my writing time, which there isn't enough of as is.  But I want to re-connect with fans--and frankly I feel like I've fallen down on the job about that for far too long.

Hell, sometimes I wonder if I even HAVE fans any more.  Seriously.  Sales are good (thank you).  But withouit going to conferences, or hearing back via email or social media, you lose track.

SO, I'm blogging again.  I've gotten the newsletters out.  And I will probably redesign and put back up the website.    I will FaceBook in a limited way, probably on one weekend day for a couple of hours.

We'll see if it works.

In the meantime, "HI" and "I'm back."


Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's been a rough year.

January 2nd I fell, dislocated both hips, and generally screwed up from the waist down.  Finally got that healed (YAY) and broke a major molar and wound up with oral surgery.

That's healing, and I'm HOPING that we're at the end of the illness/injury train for a while.

Just turned in the page proofs for THE EXILE.  The cover for it is AWESOME--SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS.  I'll upload it if I can manage.

AWESOME isn't it?

We're having a re-release of TOUCH OF EVIL too--October.  I'm SO EXCITED.  It's awesome.  And I was very happy when I did a re-read.  It's a better book than I remembered, and I got to tighten up the one or two little things that bugged me in the previous version.

SO, if you haven't gotten a chance to read it, DO.


I also got the map and the excerpt to the newsletter guru so it will go out today.

Now I need to go home, have some dinner, and finish the second pass on ALL YOUR WISHES, the next Celia Graves novel.

Then I can say I'm having a TRULY PRODUCTIVE day.

Best to you all.