Sunday, September 29, 2013

ALAS . . . .

Complete system failure.

What is:  three words you don't want to hear about your computer.

Particularly when you have a book deadline and it's been going well.  And you have a novella you just started that was, also, going remarkably well.  And you have photos you took (although, fortunately, they were on the website, so not lost).

Didn't lose the whole book.  BUT lost one of the best fight scenes I've ever written (unless they can save the machine, which I am doubting).

Lost the start of the novella. 

YES I back up.  But I haven't for a couple of days--mostly because life was being particularly lifish, of which the system crash is yet another example.

I will not be going to Fencon AGAIN this year.  I have to get caught back up on the book and I have to spend the money on a new computer. (Assuming they don't replace it since it was under warranty.  And in the meantime, I am working on my ancient behemoth that I held onto even though it doesn't run very well any more.  [More limps along, walking with a cane actually.])

But it could have been worse.  MUCH worse.  SO, I will count my blessings and move on. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a wannabe writer desperate to get published and hungry to have the tools to do the research I needed to do to make a great product (mysteries mostly back then, some fantasy too.) There was a series of books I lusted after called the "Howdunit" series from Writer's Digest.  I didn't believe in myself enough to convince myself back then to shell out the money I couldn't afford to buy them.  But OH I wanted those babies.

WELL, I am now a professional writer, a NOVELIST.  (WOOT!!)  I still have to do lots of research.  (Lot of it is help from friends.  Some on the internet.)  But you know what.  I still read books for research.  And a panel by a friend who is a #1 NYT author reminded me of those books.

I went online.  I FOUND THEM -- WOOT WOOT WOOT.  I ordered a bunch and am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!

I know it's geeky.  I DON'T CARE!  I will have the tools I need to look up poisons, and crime scenes and common guns.  RIGHT IN MY LIBRARY!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Wrote the following e-mail to my mom to explain why I didn't call this weekend.

First -- 100+ degree heat and the power goes out for the whole city mid-afternoon on Saturday.  Also most cell service.  I had a quarter tank of gas which is not QUITE enough to get to another city in either direction.  With no a/c and no fans it was pretty miserable.
When it was still off Sunday morning I went down to the fire station to see if they had an ETA for when it would be back up.  He had no idea.  But he did have one bar of cell service.  So I tried my phone and WOO HOO!  I could call out.  Called a friend from a city a couple of towns over and asked if she could bring me 10 bags of ice and a can of gas if I paid for it all. (Fortunately I had money.)  She was glad to help.  Good thing I called early -- by the time she got to the store she got the last of the ice.  I wasn't the only one who had the idea.
MEANWHILE since it looked like I might have to go a full day without power I decided to fix the screens on my house.  So I got out my trusty tools and step stool and went to start with the bathroom window.  I had to trim back the tree limbs first, then I set up the stool and climbed up -- only to have the stool topple over with me on it.  OW.  REALLY OW.  FORTUNATELY I wasn't seriously hurt (twisted my ankle, a couple of bruises, wounded pride), went inside and iced the ankle.  Realized I wasn't wearing my glasses.  Went BACK outside with Tonya (who'd arrived by then with the ice) to look for said glasses wearing my prescription sunglasses. 
I had landed on my glasses. 
They were not destroyed, but were bent, and when I tried to straighten them -- they broke.
Tonya's husband said he thought he could fix them, so I sent them home with her to him.
Put ice in the fridge, the freezer, and around the house (and around my ankle) and things were cool enough to let me sleep.  (I really needed that nap.) 
Around 4:30 the power came back on.  Called Tonya.  Micah had fixed the glasses.  Checked the fridge.  Stuff in the fridge was pretty much ruined.  1/3 of the meat in the freezer thawed.  The rest stayed frozen solid.  If I cook it today I should be okay.
Went and filled up the vehicle with gas and went to get my glasses from Tonya so I'd be able to wear them at work.  (Working in sunglasses did not seem like a great idea.) Then went to the grocery store in the next town where they hadn't lost power to get all the groceries that had been ruined.
I finally got home late last night and fell into bed.
I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but . . .
I'm fine.  (Sore, stiff, frustrated and aggravated at having spent a LOT of money I hadn't planned on, but) FINE.

Saturday, July 13, 2013



It was a wonderful trip with my friend Pam.  Went to Treasure Island, Florida where it was MUCH cooler than where I'm currently living.  It rained every day, but between showers I spent time shopping, on the beach, and eating at wonderful restaurants.  I also took lots of pictures, met with my (brilliant) agent to discuss my career, and did research that will appear in a future Celia Graves book that I am now writing.  I am rested, refreshed, and ready to rock.


This is a shot of Lucienne and I.  Typical for me, my hair is everywhere!  But HEY, note the pirate ship! lol

Sunday, May 05, 2013


1 - Turned in the Fae book.  Hope it is OK.  Fear it is terrible.  Will wait for edits and find out.
2 - Am taking a couple of days off before start the next Celia book during which I will clean house and visit me mum.
3 - Bought 2 copies (one for me, one for my son) of the published version of Neil Gaiman's MAKE GOOD ART speech.  It is SO worth it.
4 - Wrote an e-mail to Charlaine Harris because she deserves better treatment than she is getting. (IN MY NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION).
5 - Reading new stuff.  It's pretty good.
6 - Watched Iron Man 3 and loved it.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Guten Morgen

Okay, priority for today.  Go online and find out how to block all comments here since I am very nearly only getting disgusting spam.  (As opposed to actual comments or entertaining spam.)

Another priority is to work on the edits the beta readers have produced.


So far they all like it!  WOOT!

I mostly rested this weekend.  Did a little housework, volunteered a little bit at the library, but mostly rested. I needed it.

Volunteering at the library was fun!  I surprised myself.

My mom was a school librarian (she traveled from grade school to grade school in the district working in the various libraries.)  My aunt was the AV librarian at the middle school library.  I grew up in libraries and love them.  And, to this day, if I see a set of encyclopedias (although written encyclopedias are practically an extinct breed thanks to the internet) I have to put them in order.  HAVE to.  It's a compulsion.

I am volunteering at the local library to get experience.  Although, oddly, all my childhood experience came back to me and I was able to walk right back into it.  I am getting experience because I am hoping to get a day job with one of the Denver area library systems when I move back. It is a good job, and a job I could love.  And while the plan may not work--it's a good plan, and it makes me happy.

Then again, books make me happy.  Go figure.

Think I'm a writer much?



Sunday, April 07, 2013

It is the weekend.

It is the weekend.  I have a million things to do.  I wrote yesterday -- until I was just producing crap and not actually creating anything.  I will look tomorrow to see if I can fix what I may have broken by trying to push to hard and too fast.

The things to do around the house are not going anywhere.  I am pooped.  So I am resting on the Sabbath and figuring that it'll get done somehow, sometime.