Thursday, April 16, 2015

Travel Plans

The house/critter sitter will be a busy person this spring.  I will be visiting family on one long weekend, and I have been invited to attend Dallas ComiCon May 29-31.  It's good that the critters love her.

I hope folks will come see me and bring books for me to autograph!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Snake's Tail

Wednesday I had an EVENT.

One of the stray cats I feed/get vet shots, etc. for left a present for me by the garage door.  A very dead, very large, (six foot) rattlesnake.

I live in town.  We do not expect to see large rattlesnakes wandering around the neighborhood.


So, I've been concentrating on fitting in lots and lots of yard work (pruning, weeding, eliminating snake habitat) with all of the other multitudinous crapola that I do, but really don't have time for.

But GOOD KITTY, nice kitty.  LOVE the kitties.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Finding a Happy Medium

Hi Guys!

Okay, I FINALLY finished the edit pass.  I'm waiting a couple of days as a cool down before looking it over ONE MORE TIME before sending it to the beta reader and my editor again.

Had a friend design a tee-shirt for me--the same one mentioned in THE EXILE.  I am now looking into places like CAFE PRESS to see about having them available for sale.  THANK YOU SHAWN!

Still waiting on PATIENCE MY ASS.  Had to get the contracted work done first and regain my health after a bout of illness.  

Anyway, out of time.  Hope you are all well and happy.

Hope you're enjoying the book(s).