Monday, September 28, 2009


Okay, I should probably apologize. I haven't been blogging since Friday, which meant no Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial and no Trivia, and so forth.

Basically what happened? Life went nuts. The copy edits came in. They were due today. I needed to get my much neglected tax info to the accountant, and the day job went wooka wooka. (To the point where I was there until quarter to seven Friday night.) Having to work on two sets of pages simultaneously meant that I needed a table, which also involved using a chair that was hell on my back. I am in pain now. But the edits are done. They have been shipped. So I am going to take something for pain, collapse in the recliner and do nothing. I tried reading, but I couldn't even focus well enough. So as soon as I post here and on MySpace I'm doing nothing and doing it vigorously. In a day or two I will hopefully be rested and back on track.

My apologies, but I really didn't feel like I had a lot of choice.



Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Status Check

Friday Status Check

Okay, I have officially fallen off of the wagon and bruised my touchis. Frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, and angry with myself because I've done a couple things that are really stupid---not irretrievable, but definitely stupid. Screwed up the checkbook; offended somebody I like a lot; am behind on everything to the point of panic and still exhausted. Part of that is probably mental.

On the positive side. I've been doing pretty well on the diet thing. Not perfect, but pretty well.

Our new editor loves the photo that was the inspiration for the new series, and wants to get in touch with the artist. (WOOT!!!! Major terrific art!!!)

Agent only suggested minor changes to the two proposals before they go out and are shopped to publishers, so WOOT again.

One of our checks is winging its way to the agent. Woot the III.

I have people who love me. I have animals who love me. I have achieved one of my biggest lifetime goals. I actually AM an award winning, multi-published author of book length fiction. (That was the way I worded it on my goal list ten years ago. How cool is that?)

I wish I was more socially adept, but I'm not, and I have apologized for the flipping serious faux pas I made that offended the hell out of someone. Either they'll forgive me or not. I cannot control that. I wish I didn't screw up my finances every time I get exhausted, overstressed and hormonal, but at least I have savings to transfer over. (Well, HAD savings, but hey, I set it aside for an emergency, and POOF, there was one. LOL). But I am close to 50. I can make changes, and do and will. But it isn't EASY. And that's OKAY.

I am still not living in the location where I want to be, but that's okay. I have a home, and jobs, a lot of folks don't have one, the other, or both. The move will happen in God's time. I just have to be patient. God's plans are perfect. Mine (see above) are obviously not. So faith, patience, perseverence are called for. I'll scrounge some up. I'm sure there's some stored in here somewhere. Almost positive of it. LOL

Every day in every way I'm getting better and better. (Famous old mantra, but if it works, use it. If it doesn't, who is it hurting? Not me!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm BAAAAAAAACK, Monday Trivia

Good Morning Everybody!

I'm back. I am WILDLY exhausted. But that's to be expected. My to do list reads like Gone With the Wind (and is easily as tragic in the middle. LOL) No, nobody dies in a to do list, but OY . . . Never mind. You don't wanna know.

My mojo appeared in short bursts at the con. It was kind of startling. I hadn't seen it in so long I'd almost forgotten what it looked like. But talking about Alpha Males with readers at the table, and again in the car, it swooped in and reminded me how good it is when I actually feel "it." I'm working on making that a more regular occurrence. I think one of the reasons it's been missing, though, is that I've been sick and exhausted. Just don't get the old jazz with those happening.

I got to see lots of friends, make a couple of new ones, and I HAVE to send a thank you note to someone who is apparently a major comic book artist (since I don't run in those circles I didn't know) who was kind enough that when my blood sugar dived and I was ready to keel over he ran out and got me something to eat.

I'm not diabetic, but I have hypoglycemia in connection with some of my hormonal issues and I have to be careful. I wasn't, and it kicked my ass. So a thank you note is DEFINITELY in order.

Oh, and sorry the Saturday morning breakfast serial was so short, but I was at the con. I'm hoping you're liking my very first attempt at starting a romantic suspense.

ANYWAY, on to trivia (and no, I've been gone, so I haven't added the points. But I will. REALLY. Hey, it's on my to do list. ;)


What is the name of the dragon in The Hobbit?

Answers to


Now off to spring Lucky the Wonder Dog from the vet and pick up the "good" front door key to my house.

I also have to figure out whether to get a new mower, or try to get mine fixed. Because it won't start. Just won't.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

I'm at FenCon, having a lovely time, except that I just lost the Breakfast Serial and have to start over.


Todd stared up at the television in the corner of the bar. The Lakers had lost. The game hadn't even been close. There went another hundred bucks. Dammit. He knew he shouldn't gamble, but it was a habit. And what the hell else did he have to spend his money on now?

He shook his head. She was gone. With JAKE. In HAWAII. Where she and Todd had been going to go on their honeymoon. Until he lost the money. Of course that wasn't what he'd told her. He'd lied. She'd believed him. She'd even seemed to take it okay. Until suddenly one day, she just didn't. And it was over, and there was nothing for him to do except sign the divorce papers and come down here to the bar and get drunk with Kevin.

Kevin came back to the table carrying a pair of beers and two doubles of whiskey. Neither of them needed it. They were both well past tipsy and on their way to wasted, but Todd didn't want to think clearly. Not tonight, knowing she was there, with Jake.

The commercial break came on and the lotto box appeared on the screen with its bouncing numbered balls. Todd watched the screen as individual balls popped out to be placed in a row. Damn those numbers looked familiar. Why? What was special about 9, 15, 27, 32, 48, 54?

"Holy shit. Those are Jen's numbers."

He hadn't meant to say it out loud. "Really?" Kevin got a look on his face. Something about it bugged Todd. A lot.

"Too bad she's in Hawaii and didn't buy herself a ticket." He forced himself to smirk. "Serves her right. " He raised his beer bottle, as if toasting the bitter words. Kevin clicked bottles. But the expression on his face didn't change.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday a Little Early.

Posting for Friday a little early.

Okay, how is everybody doing on their goals? I'm probably at 75%. I make progress, and then I backslide a little. Still, I'm further ahead than I was a few days ago. I've been exercising. I've been paying attention to what I eat and eating a little better. I've been taking vitamins. Of course now we got the copyedits, and I'm due at FenCon for the weekend, and I have a gazillion other things to get caught up on. But I am NOT going to use that as an excuse to get down on myself. I will simply do the best I can and keep moving forward.How are all of you doing? Making progress? Inquiring minds want to know!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even Mild Food Poisoning Sucks

Okay, I know you knew this. But even mild food poisoning sucks.

Had good news professionally, but haven't accomplished a thing because of the previous. REALLY hope I feel better tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, it's Tuesday, and I have a lot to do, so this will be a little short.

Today I'm reflecting on BALANCE.

I think balance is one of the founding principles of the universe: up/down, left/right, male/female, good/bad, black/white, joy/sorrow --- anyway, you get the drift. The contrast is what makes it work. Unless you've felt sorrow, joy isn't as intense. Right now I'm on the exhausted end of the energized/exhausted scale. It's getting better, but I pushed myself too hard. UGH.

Copy edits are coming to us in the next couple of days with a short turnaround, so I need to get my act together to get them done.

Working on a proposal for a YA 2 book and on the first book.

Doing the whole motivational thing, because ultimately, while other people make fun of it, for me it works.

Working on a massive push to get applications out the door for work in Denver.

Working to catch up on all of the crap that has been put off (including getting my tax stuff to my accountant!)

Oh, and I have a conference I'm going to this weekend.

But I'm not busy at all. NAH. LOL.

Well, back to it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning Trivia

Okay, I'm a little grumpy. Behind on EVERYTHING because I pushed to get the book done. Now I have to get it all caught up and back to normal. It's been raining for days, which is good because it broke the heat and we needed the moisture, but there is a downside. (1) the animals go nutso if the dog doesn't get enough outdoor time. (2) Every time she does go out she drags back in half of the back yard which means mopping. (3) The grass is growing as I watch. I know, none of it is earth shattering, but each blizzard is made up of individual snowflakes.

BUT the good news? EACH BLIZZARD IS MADE UP OF INDIVIDUAL SNOWFLAKES. If I deal with them one at a time they won't be so overwhelming, and if I feel like I'm making progress maybe I won't be so grumpy.

SO, anyway, back to trivia. Fellowship of the Ring (the book) question. (And remember, answers to with TRIVIA in the RE:)

What was it Samwise Gamgee got from Galadrial's people that he'd been missin' and knew he'd be needin if he hadn't got it?

As to posting points, I've been saving the e-mails, but haven't added them up yet. Next week. I hope. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Jen stared out the window over the wing of the plane. Ohmigawd! That was the ocean. The Pacific. This was really happening. All her life she'd wanted to travel and Hawaii had been at the top of her list. Even the words were exotic. Aloha, luau, lava-lava. Her stomach flip-flopped and she told herself it was excitement and not fear of flying. This was her first time on a plane. She'd never really gotten to travel anywhere. Even her honeymoon "hadn't worked out." The ex had been supposed to make the travel plans, but they fell through because . . . well, honestly, because her ex was her ex.

But she was going now.

"You okay? You're looking a little pale." Jake touched her hand, drawing her attention away from the window. He wasn't faking his concern, she could tell.

"Fine." Jen smiled at him. "Just a little nervous. This is my first time on a plane and I'm going to meet your family. It's a bit much, but I figure you'll make it up to me." She winked at him and was rewarded with a heart-stopping smile.

"I'll do my best." He paused, "You really don't need to worry about my family Jen. I know they're going to love you. Almost as much as I do."

She blushed with pleasure at his words, but didn't necessarily believe him. If there wasn't some basis in truth to them the legends about mother-in-laws wouldn't have survived this long. Her own mother was no saint. In fact, she'd been decidedly chilly to Jake. Then again, she loved Todd and was still holding out hope for a reconciliation. "We'll see."

Sensible man that he was, Jake decided to distract her. It was a long flight, and it'd be no fun for either of them if they sat here worried and brooding. "So, is your mom watching the house and taking care of Obsidian for you?"

Jen pasted a smile on her face. She'd asked her mother. It had been a mistake. Her ears were still blistered from the response. "No, Wendy's watching him."

"Wendy?" Jake shook his head. "Are you sure that's a good idea. I mean, I like your sister, but she's a little bit of a . . ."

"Flake." Jen sighed. "Yeah, I know. I love her, but she is who she is. And Obsidian will be fine. He's not that social of a cat to begin with. I left out a huge roasting pan filled with hard food, and the toilet seat is up. So if she flakes out and misses a day he'll be fine." Actually, her huge black tom cat would probably be fine for a week considering how much kibble she'd left him. And he wasn't particularly social with anyone but Jen and surprisingly, Jake.

"I don't even mind her so much. But her husband . . ." He let the sentence trail off unfinished rather than say something irretrievable. But Jen could guess what he meant. Kevin was a serious creep. Then again, every man her sister dated was, one way or another. Wendy just knew how to pick em. There could be 100 really great guys in the room and one loser, and she'd gravitate to the loser every time.

When Jake and Kevin had met at the family holiday cookout there had been the kind of instant animosity that you see with large, dominant dogs. It hadn't gotten ugly, but only because Jen and Jake had left before it could. But it had been a very close thing. Of course it didn't help matters that Kevin was Todd's best friend in the world.

What a mess. Jen looked at Jake for a long moment, leaned over, and gave him a quick kiss. Nothing big, just a peck. But he'd earned it. Her life was such a mess. But he never complained, never did anything but make her feel safe, loved, and laugh. Lord how he made her laugh. She'd almost forgotten how it had been so long. Now she wouldn't give it up for anything.

"What was that for."

"For being you." She smiled. Taking a deep breath, she said the words she knew he'd wanted to hear, but she'd never been ready to voice. "I really do love you, you know."

Friday, September 11, 2009


Flu shot in left arm. Pneumonia shot in right arm. OW. I hurt.


Okay guys, Challenge Day 1:

My goal -- to regain my health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I also want to actually get my ass to Denver, (but that's a sub-heading to this under mental and emotional health).

What I am doing about it TODAY. (Because the idea is to do at least one small thing every day. Small things add up to big things. An overhwelming project isn't if you can take it one step at a time. Before whosawhatsit climbed Everest they had to hire a sherpa and pack their bags, etc.

1) I set up the thread for this on our forum over at Coffeetime Romance. That way if anybody needs a mid-week boost or pity party they have somewhere to go. You'll need to sign up at Coffeetime if you're going to do that, but they're a great group. Up to you. It's just an available resource.

2) I had blood drawn and am going to the doctor. My thyroid medicine is no longer currently available and the replacement stuff isn't working; and there are other things that need dealt with as well.

3) I bought a notebook to keep track of daily goals and progress made toward them.

4) I am spending a chunk of this afternoon doing a motivation/goal setting workshop using tools I got from a motivational speaker who works well for me (but gets made fun of a lot). I am not too proud to use what works.

Now it's your turn. What is your goal? What are you doing today to get to it? HMNN?

Oh, and Ellece, you've got to tell me/us HOW DID THE INTERVIEW GO?????



Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Okay, I believe a lot of things. Among them, I believe that a person who is truly motivated and willing to work hard can accomplish amazing things in a relatively short time. I also believe that it is easier for them to STAY motivated if there are people cheering them on, giving advice when asked (and NOT when NOT), calling them to task when they are slacking off, and generally being a progress buddy.


I am hereby issuing a challenge to any and all who want to take me up on it.

From now until Christmas Eve Eve (i.e., December 23rd), I am running a "I CAN DO IT DAMMIT" Challenge. Every Friday I will post on both of my blogs my progress (and failures) toward my 2 goals. (I can't pick which, so I'm doing both.) Every Friday in the comments, the people who are participating post their progress and failures. Honor system folks. I trust you to be honest.

If, during the week you need a boost, or want to give a boost, you can e-mail me at with CHALLENGE in the RE.

We will start this Friday. You have until then to decide what you want your goal to be.

On the 23rd I want everyone who participates to post. You can say if you reached your goal. You can say if you didn't. Whether it helped, or didn't. Whatever you want to say. You can tell me if you think we should do it as a New Year's Challenge again after the holidays. Whatever.

Now, if you think this is a bunch of . . . ahem, male bovine feces, you do not need to participate. That's cool. But I've been down because I've been stuck. I've not been attacking my goals because I've been down (because I've been stuck). It's a vicious cycle, and I'm SICK OF IT. So, this is my plan. You are welcome to participate, or not. PLEASE no attacks or bitchiness. None of us need any more of that---we really do all get enough of it day-to-day. Really. Positive non-hurtful posting is what we're looking for.

Okay? Any takers?

See you Friday.


Welcome to Another Day

Good Morning!

I sent the book off to Cathy last night. It was still too short, and will need her expert care, but I'd reached the point where I was tinkering and doing more harm than good. I'd also reached that stage I get once or twice a book which my son refers to as the "Step Away From the Computer" stage. The words "It all looks like dreck. I can't write. What am I thinking. I should just hit the delete key" run through my head. I've learned not to actually DO it (and hell, I can't afford it. They PAID me for those words. I'm not giving back the money if I can help it!)

ANYWAY, it's to Cathy now. I can rest a little. I NEED to rest.

Ellece, you had indicated you'd like to hear one of my dreams. I'm not going to tell you the night terrors. Not happening. BUT I had a good dream the other night, so I'll spill that one.

I was dead. I knew it. But it was okay. Because I was in heaven. And heaven for me boys and girls looked a whole lot like the house I used to have in Denver (only cleaner) except that it was in the middle of this beautiful meadow. I could step out onto my big front porch and look out over miles of wildflowers and knee high grass. All of the animals I've ever had were there---but not at once. (They'd fight and get jealous if they were). So while I'd watch my dog Missy would be running in the grass, and phase out and poof Lucky would be running in the grass instead, then Rex, then . . . same with the cats (only indoors).

I went inside and was puttering around getting ready to start up the computer when my son arrives. Now I'm immediately concerned. "You're not supposed to be here yet. You are not dead." And he said, "Um, no. I think I'm sleeping." And he's looking around, wide-eyed at everything. "I've been worried about you Mom."

"I'm fine. Happy." He came inside. He was surprised to see the office set up. "You even have a computer now?"

"You're not going to believe this." I chuckled. "I'm a MUSE. I give people IDEAS. That's my job in the afterlife!"

"Oh WOW. That's so cool! Do you need to get back to it or something?"

I waved away his concern. "Let 'em suffer. They can wait a little. Maybe they'll appreciate it more that way."

We both laughed. I asked him if he'd been writing, and he sighed and said no. He just didn't seem to be getting any good ideas. At which point I gave him a somewhat evil grin and said. "That can be arranged."

And that, my friends ended the dream.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Monday Morning Trivia

Okay guys, I've been re-reading my Jim Butcher books trying to de-stress before beefing up the book ONE MORE TIME. SO a double points and two questions today from two different Dresden books:

1) What boon did Harry trade in the oak leaf pin he received from Titania (the Summer Queen) for?

2) What boon did Morgan get for his?

Remember answers go to with "Trivia" in the RE. Good luck!

Hope you're having a great holiday!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Okay, it's Saturday. I'm trying something TOTALLY different this time. We'll see if it works. Maybe so, maybe no. You buys the sale brand of serial you never know what you'll get.


"Wow Jen, think you've got enough suntan lotion? And whoo hoo, look at the bikini. Yowsa!" Bonnie, the checker at the local discount store looked over at one of her favorite regular customers. "I'm guessing somebody is headed out of town on vacation. Maybe even with that handsome state cop she's been dating? Hmmmn?"

Jen laughed, "Guilty as charged. We're headed out to Hawaii," she paused for effect "to meet his family."

Bonnie goggled, "Ohmigod, the big family meet and greet. Is it really that serious? Already?"

Jen squirmed uncomfortably. "Maybe. I think so. But I don't want to rush into anything." She really didn't. Her divorce had been finalized less than a year. She was over Todd. That wasn't the question. She just wasn't sure she was ready to be with someone else. And she really didn't trust her judgment when it came to men. After all, Todd had been handsome, and charming, and all sorts of wonderful---right up until the day they said their "I dos." Now she desperately wish she hadn't. But hindsight is ever 20/20 as they say.

"Oh, don't fret. You'll do fine. Just take your time. Enjoy yourself." Bonnie gave a saucy wink as she ran Jen's items over the price scanner. "Not that I have to tell you to do that, what with that handsome hunk you'll be travelling with. He is fine."

Jen couldn't argue with that. Jake was really, truly, all that and a bag of chips. Not only handsome, he was smart, funny, and seemed to instinctively know not to push---to go slow. Jen was almost positive he was as nervous about this whole meet and greet as she was. But his baby sister was getting married, so it seemed logical . . ."

"When are you leaving?" Bonnie's question brought Jen back to the present.

"Day after tomorrow. First thing in the morning."

"Ah, then you probably want to buy your ticket now?" The lilt in her voice made it a question.

"Oh, yeah. I should, shouldn't I." Every week, without fail, Jen bought a single lottery ticket, cash option, same numbers every time. It was her little ritual. Probably silly, but worth the money if for no other reason than the number of fantasies she'd had thinking what she would do with the winnings from the prosaic, setting up a family trust, to the exotic, quitting her boring job and going on a world cruise. Not that she ever would win. But then, you never know. Which was the point, after all. "Let me dig out my numbers."

"You're kidding, right. As if I don't know them by heart after all this time." Bonnie waved her hand in a dismissive gesture and walked over to the machine. "9, 15, 27, 32, 48, 54, right?"

"Right." Jen blushed a little, feeling foolish. Just how much money had she spent on tickets over the years that the cashier could rattle the numbers off so easily? Then she shook herself. It was cheap. It was fun, and it didn't hurt a thing. In fact, if the ads were to be believed, she was helping fund the state schools and park maintenance.

Bonnie hit the buttons and the small square of red and white paper popped out of the machine. Handing it across the counter she said, "Now you put that in a safe place. It could be the winner the way you're luck has turned around. I mean, really, a handsome man and a trip to Hawaii? I am sooooooo jealous."

Laughing Jen pulled out her wallet. Folding the ticket in half she stuck it in the coin purse, then pulled enough bills from the wallet section to pay for her purchases. Who knew what could happen? She was certainly feeling lucky.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Late Start

Getting a bit of a late start this morning. Got REAL REST last night. WOOT!

Plenty of weird dreams to ponder as well.

Hope everybody is going to have a great weekend. I am going to finish the flipping book and GET THIS HOUSE CLEAN. I've been sick. I've been tired. I've been working my fuzzy tail off (although there's still plenty left). But as I have been doing all of these things neither the cats nor the dog have picked up the slack. I keep telling the long haired cats that their tails would be the perfect dusters, but to no avail. I believe, if I could translate, that the translation would be unprintable, but would also include an explanation of -- I clean myself with my tongue. No. So no.

Well, gotta run.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"By Jove I think She's Got It!"

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains.

Okay, I have not been myself lately. (Who is that imposter and what the HELL has she done to my life!) No. Seriously, it was me. It just wasn't ME.

Anyway, I took a couple of nights off to rest, read part of a good book, ate real food instead of instant crap I could throw together and nuke so that I could get back to the computer, and SLEPT.

And I THINK I know how to fix the problem, and lengthen the book, and finish the blasted thing so that I can get back to all of the real life stuff that is SCREAMING for my attention.


I will know for certain on Friday, because today and tomorrow are still about resting. My body was starting to pull a full-out rebellion, and I can't afford that.

I will keep you all advised.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Day

Good morning all. Yet again has posted the smiling face of some young stud on my computer to help me greet the day. The trick is, he is quite the YOUNG stud and I would feel extremely squicky dating someone the same age or younger than my son. Extremely squicky. In fact, I did get asked out by someone young and studly and turned him down for that very reason. There are limits to my cougarity.

Still working very hard. But that's to be expected.

One of the best things about writing BTW is other writers. They "get it." And they can help you laugh when you're hitting bottom. Here's to the lovely folks who share in my profession!

Okay, gotta get ready for the day job. Have a great one everybody.