Monday, June 16, 2008

Status Check

Okay, status check:

1) The website.

I ended up not having the kind of time, and additional tech skills were needed. These are things that can be learned, IF you have the time. I didn't/don't. So we hired someone wonderful who is a friend to update it. At which point he immediately had an accident and broke his arm badly. He will be fine, but delays have ensued. It WILL be updated. It will be BEAUTIFUL. But it will be another month or so. SORRY.

2) Books.

Cathy is slaving away on the next Sazi book. It features Tony. SO, for those of you who have been waiting, IT'S COMING. BUT, the publishing process takes time. So it's going to be a few months. SORRY.

Now, the stand-alone novel, Magic's Design is coming out in February. It got moved around a bit because of changes to the cover. Good news, it's going to look great. But it'll be coming out in February. If I could remember how to post pictures I'd post pictures of all the great covers.

ALL the great covers, you ask? WELL, we're having a SPECIAL RUN of the first four Sazi novels too, with brand new covers that look SWEEEEEEEET. If you can say sweet about moody urban fantasy kinds of covers. Anyway, I like 'em, LOTS. AND they'll be at a special sale price, and out together so you can get 'em all. Not sure on the date yet, but this is a huge happy thing.

TOUCH OF DARKNESS COMES OUT AT THE END OF NEXT MONTH! So, for those of you into Kate Reilly and the Thrall, the last book in the series is almost here. Now is the time to re-read the first two to get ready.

MORE TO COME, we're in negotiations as to what the next books will be. I'll keep you advised.




Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hello Again

Okay, I'm back -- briefly. Miles to go before I sleep and all that hoo ha.

Let's see... when last we left our intrepid heroine...

Well, I don't remember, which says it's been too long. So I'll just ramble.

Contract negotiations are going well and continuing apace. The Levy tour is on and exciting. We've got some good news for the Sazi fans, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to release it yet. We had an e-book giveaway of Touch of Evil. Yup GIVEAWAY, through the Tor site. Hopefully you will all go (or have gone) to get your copies. I have editing to do before I give a draft to Cathy. She's in the throes of writing the next TONY GIODONE SAZI BOOK (for those of you who have been waiting ... and waiting, it's all in caps). Touch of Darkness, the conclusion to the three-book Thrall/Kate Reilly series comes out at the end of next month.

I am still looking at relocating to Denver, probably at the end of July or beginning of August. I am wrestling with long-distance job hunting which is nerve wracking. I want to do the long-distance house hunting thing, and even think I've found the perfect place (although it costs more than I'd like, of course), BUT I need the job thing straightened out first.

Things come in threes, according to some. Well, I had my three:

First, a major storm went over our town, with a tornado passing us by (YAY!), but MAJOR hail. Since I was out for a walk (I love walking in the rain. Walking in the hail? Not so much.) I wound up having to take shelter in a stranger's garage because we're talking MAJOR hail, as in totalled my roof, did major car damage, bring in the disaster adjusters kind of hail.

THEN I stayed late at work chatting with my boss (who is a seriously cool individual), we're talking away when WHAM my poor little Toyota Truck (a/k/a "Baby") gets CREAMED by one of those big o'le Texas 4x4 monstrosities that was Tweety-bird Yellow. Fortunately he was honest and stopped, and had insurance, BUT he hit her hard enough to: Bend the bumper under the bed, damage the tailgate, take out the tail light, tent the rear quarter panel a little bit over the tire, send the rubber cover from the bumper two doors down, ram the truck bed into the back of the cab denting the cab and peeling the paint off on the driver's side, drive the whole thing up onto the curb (which means we're checking the welds, the frame, and the transmission). Anyway the damage is severe, and I've been wrestling with his insurance company (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) who are still dinking with this when the accident happened on May 20th! Ugh. Eventually I'll know if they'll repair her or call her totalled.

LASTLY we had a wind storm. I was tying Lucky the Wonder Dog out in the back yard underneath the trees when a huge gust sent a bunch of yard detritus flying into my face. I wound up with stuff embedded in my right eye. My good eye. You know, the one I SEE with. I wound up having to rush to the optometrist (Thank you Dr. Lane) and get it pulled out, and get an Rx for antibiotics. I have been cranky, and light sensitive and it sucketh mold covered pond rocks.

But that's three. And hopefully IT for the time being. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers about the job/move stuff. It's exciting, but SCARY.