Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Okay, have been VERY busy on your behalf, and my behalf, which I guess makes it a bewhole.  (As opposed to a . . . never mind. :))

I'm in a very good mood, but have been busier than I ever imagined possible.  I'm:

1) getting my individual website ready for a big December launch, which entails
2) getting the release calendar pulled together, and linked to the personal website
3) I'm getting the posse gifts out to the posse and
4) pulling together a separate mailing list for the posse members so I can get them special alerts and presents and ask them to do stuff if they're willing. 
5) I've got a manuscript in the final stages of the first pass (out now to my son for review) and
6) am trying to figure out who I want for my individual beta readers. 
7) The next Celia book is at the editor and WILL need revisions.
8) I've re-launched the blog (here) and am
9) Launching the VISITING DIGNITARIES again.  This involves
10) CONTACTING and scheduling said dignitaries.  (Currently scheduled for every Wednesday starting next week, and I have scheduled ahead into March, so it's looking promising)
11) Doing questions for said dignitaries who want to be interviewed; and
12) Preparing to update the Craft Corner with the information I'm getting from said dignitaries.
13) doing business stuff with Cathy and
14) Putting together the December Newsletter
15) Having oral surgery
16) The day job
17) Getting ready for Christmas.

SO, if I seem a little frazzled, it's CAUSE I AM!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A very good day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Mine rocked.

20+ pages today.  WOOT!!!  Solidly hit the halfway point and am rocking.  There are more pages that can be salvaged from a previous draft, so I'm really hopeful about tomorrow's production too!

Website changes have been made.  I plan to launch the new/revised individual site December 1.  I'm going to do a e-mail out to the Posse members asking them to come by and to publicize it. 
I've contacted various visiting dignitaries so that they will be available here on Wednesdays and have sent out the questions.  The advice bits will go to the joint website so that will benefit also.  I've got an idea for the Sunday Morning Breakfast Serial, and will get that ready to post as well. 

All in all, the past few days have been exciting and productive.  I love holidays.  I can recover enough from the day job to actually do stuff for the writing without feeling completely stressed and worn out.  The day job is good.  But writing is my love. 


Monday, November 21, 2011

The new version of Blogger WORKS!  Woot.

I now have a plan. 

Okay, I've gotten a couple of responses from other authors willing to visit.  I think the dignitary visits or reviews will be on Wednesdays. 

I will have a "Saturday Evening Post" which is just chatty, and a "Sunday Morning Breakfast Serial" which will be unedited fiction that I compose off the top of my head.

I have made edits in the beginning stages to the personal website at .  One of the big edits is letting go of the graphic novel page so that I could do the Author Information and Calendar.  The graphic novel deal pretty much fell through anyway, and I really wanted to have a place to link to the "Craft Corner" author advice bit on the Cat Adams page, and I wanted to create and link to a release calendar.  The idea is to gather into one spot all of the release dates for 2012 for author friends and favorites so that readers can pop over and find what's coming out when in one spot.  Of course this requires me actually GATHERING THE INFORMATION.  Which is something to be done another day.  I'm POOPED.  But happy.

Have a great evening folks.

How I spent my weekend.

They updated Blogger.  I don't think I like the look of it, but I'm not a big fan of change.  HOWEVER, if it posts without hassle I will rethink this. 

A correction to the previous post:  The hyphen is a big deal.  So sorry I forgot it.

I spent the weekend going over final proofs for The Isis Collar and was quite happy with the result.  It will go to the publisher today.  Also finished the posse gifts I was making and have gathered together addresses to send them.

Ah, the posse.  For those who don't know and are interested.  I have a small (but fierce) group of followers who are my posse.  They get special prizes and offers, news, and whatever.  I am the Not-So-Evil-Overlord bent on world domination one book at a time.  If you are interested, e-mail with your name, e-mail and snail mail addresses.

And now off to get ready for the day job. 

Have a great day.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Insanity Reigns

I am back. Where was I? In the throes of the deadline cave getting The Eldritch Conspiracy finished and to Cathy (and from thence to our magnificent editor Melissa Singer at Tor). I am behind on ABSOLUTELY FRICKING EVERYTHING and, in the throes of the stress of such managed to shatter two of my teeth (I grind, I clench, all completely unconscious and VERY VERY bad for teeth.) I managed to drag my butt to the dentist (phobic much?) and am referred to the oral surgeon (yup DEFINITELY screwed the teeth up massively).

Also, in one of those weirdnesses that come with changes of tech, for some reason I can write this blog on my new fancy-schmancy-love-it-to-pieces-but-what-the-HELL computer, but it WILL NOT POST. I have to go somewhere else to post it. It merely saves it as a draft. Very weird. Very annoying.

Today I have managed to edit the website for my individual projects. I have to fix the washing machine (loose bolt, but of course I don't have the right socket size. UGH), and I have to go over the final proofs of The Isis Collar to see if all of the oopses that came from a software glitch have, in fact, been cured.

I am working hard on the next project. I am excited. But I also have all of that backlog of day-to-day stuff to get through. And I need to get back on the eating right and exercising bandwagon, although I'm not sure if I should exercise until the teeth are fixed. Infections and exercise do not necessarily mix if I remember right. Then again, it might just be another excuse. LOL.

The newsletter is going out. I hope you will all get it and enjoy it. I also have to finish the bookmarks for the posse, whom I have not forgotten. So, all in all, it will be a very busy time for the next few. But I am going to try to post at least three times a week. Just like the exercise. It may bore you to pieces since my life just isn't that exciting, but HEY you don't HAVE to read it. (SOB, I'm so ALONE. Nobody loves me and my feet are cold. But FINE, FINE. GO.) (Is that melodramatic enough to make you stay?)

Oh, and maybe I'll go back to the serial. If you want me to. Opinions please.

If you want to check out the individual projects website, it's at: