Saturday, September 27, 2008



The tour was a tremendous success. I met the most amazing people! So much fun---and such hard work! I am so incredibly impressed by the efficiency the Levy staff showed in "herding cats", i.e., keeping 27(!!!) authors on time and on task. WHEW!

The staff at all of the Meijer stores were wonderful. The set up was great, and the staff made sure that we had drinks (and in some cases snacks and home made cookies) available.

It was a whirlwhind tour over very few days with a lot of stops, but somehow or another they managed to pack in enough amazing food to pack back on some of the poundage I'd managed to shed pre-tour. But WHAT A WAY TO GO!

I'll try to write a longer post later, but I can't now. I'm still recovering because on the last day I caught the crud, which, as usual, dropped immediately into bronchitis. UGH! Still, I got the short story off to the editor and am now caught up on my deadlines (for about ten minutes). I'd celebrate, but most of what I'd celebrate with would either be fattening, or won't mix with the meds the doctor has me on. Ah well! Raise a glass in toast to good friends, good food, and a well-run, successful enterprise.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Utter Exhaustion

Just finished the Levy tour in Detroit. Detroit readers ROCK!

Oy, I am totally exhausted, and can't sleep. Just sent out a mass e-mail to the participants. I have to say, it was a seriously cool group of people, and props to the organizers for being such incredibly adept cat herders.

I'm on deadline for a short story, so I have to get to it. Besides, I'm on a laptop that seems to be possessed. (Bad news. You should see Cathy's short story on a similar vein.) ANYWAY, I'll be back, and sooner rather than later. I've made a vow to be better about my web social skills.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi Guys!

I don't know if anyone still comes here. It would serve me right if you didn't. But there you go. I've had a lot going on.

First, good news. The website is SOOOOOOO close to done and I love it. We're hoping to get it posted before we go on the tour.

We have a new pen name -- we're thinking it's for the paranormal romances. Apparently it was an issue with the stores having two names (where do we shelve it?), SO, allow me to introduce ---(INSERT DRUM ROLL)-


Next -- The tour is happening. We are going. Friday, Septem ber 19 we will be in Kalamazoo Michigan from 10:30-11:30; Grand Rapids from 3:00-4:00, and 5:00-6:30 (different Meijer stores); Saturday September 20 we will be in Lansing from 10:30-12:00; Ann Arbor from 3:00-4:30; and Canton from 5:15-6:45; Sunday, September 21 we will be in Rochester Hills from 10:00-11:30, Royal Oak from 12:15-1:45, and Monroe from 3:30-5:00. WHEW!!

Next au deux -- We will be having a re-issue of the first four books with new covers (seriously cool) and a special price coming up soon (I THINK October, but don't hold me to it.)

We have the ARCs of Magic's Design (the stand-alone novel), and they are gorgeous.

Cathy has turned in the draft of the upcoming Tony Giodone book.

We are working on the edits and proposal of the first book in the new series we are proposing. It's urban fantasy. I love it. Let's hope the publisher agrees! It should be going in later this week.

I have a deadline for a short story paranormal romance that I'm cranking on. I've actually got two of them. When they're finished I'll let the editor choose which she wants. Need to get it done before the tour so I'm pumping on it.

There's more, including my continuing attempts to make it to Denver. But that is a saga and best left to another post.