Friday, September 29, 2006


OK guys, I'm back from FenCon. I've recovered (somewhat) and been writing like mad. (Deadlines--ARGH!!!!) Got to meet SOOOOOOO many cool people. Everybody I got to talk to or on a panel with wound up being cool. How great is that? I got to meet some of my favorite authors, get autographs for James from a couple of his heroes, and I only made a complete ass of myself on one panel. The people were all so incredibly cool, but I am not going to drop names in case I miss somebody.

Yes, you heard me. I made an ass of myself. It's not like I could help it. First, I was completely outclassed. I mean, right out of the box I'm at a disadvantage because YO, the panel is on books to movies and whether or not it works, and here I am supposedly moderating a panel with men who have been doing this stuff for thirty some years and are seriously famous. We're talking people who call Spielberg "Steve" and tell buddy stories about him and "George" (Lucas). Oh yeah, like I can really contribute something here. Then, on top of that, (you mean, that's not enough, really...) I'd eaten something at breakfast that made me sick, so that I had to literally run out of the room in the middle of the panel and find a bathroom. Oh, yeah, great.

Still, the guys were the consummate professionals and absolute gentlemen (Thank GOD), so it could've been SOOOOOOO much worse.

But it was a wonderful con, well organized, the people were great! I have Jim Butcher buttons that read "The building was on fire and it wasn't my fault." and "Polka will never die!" from The Dresden Files. Cathy gave me a picture -- Magnus and Loki: Tuna Roast, which now is displayed prominently in my office.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hi Guys!

Yeah, I know, been a while. SORRY!!!! I've been trying to get the current book done between trips. Just got back from Illinois a couple of weeks ago, now I'm getting ready for FenCon, then to take James back to Denver, then to New Orleans for The Vampire Lestat Ball. BUSY, busy busy. BUT it is all good stuff.

I've also been a little stressed, and didn't want it to make me sound grumpy. So I've been trying to keep a low profile.

BUT I MISS YOU ALL!!! I hope you don't give up on me during these (admittedly long) absences.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Guten Morgen

Guten morgen!

OK, I am in a really good mood today. I have been trying to find a good fenced spot to let the dog run and play. Fenced high enough that she can't jump it. (Believe me, it's an issue. The dog can jump almost as high as my head in a standing jump now. I don't even know how high she could go if she took a good running start.) I don't like having to chain her, but she jumps the fence now and I don't want to risk her getting hit by a car. So exercise is an issue. She's a big, energetic dog and needs her exercise so that she doesn't go kennel crazed and aggressive. Walking her helps, but really isn't enough.

ANYWAY, I found one good spot for ball play. It's an old set of tennis courts that nobody uses that has a fence and gate. As long as I make sure she doesn't make a mess (or I clean it up after) we should be cool for good games of chase the ball. Still shopping for a spot for plain old running, but I'll find something. Eventually, I hope to put up an 8 or 9 foot privacy fence in the back yard. But that, my friends, is time, labor, and money intensive, none of which I'm up for just yet. But I want a happy, healthy, pup, so am taking interim measures.

The cats are doing well. They're adapting nicely to the pup when she's not too aggressive. Things in the Adams animal kingdom are improving. Still, I'm on the lookout for a good training manual for the pup. I'd gone to Petco, but their person quit and they haven't replaced him yet. There is a private trainer they gave me a card for, but I hadn't called because I was going out of town.

One thing I really think is important (as much for me as the animal truthfully), is getting a set, reliable schedule. If the dog knows that she goes out at 5:30, gets breakfast at 8:00, goes to play at the park at 11:30, goes for a walk at 8:00 or 9:00, and settles down for the night at 11:30 (These are NOT the actual times, mind you, just examples) they have a sense of rhythm and calm that helps. But my life has been so upended for so long, I've had a hard time doing that. But it is the plan. Wish me luck.

Monday, September 04, 2006

There are days, and then there are DAYS

Hi all! I'm back, working hard, etc. Good things are happening. I had hit the wall a bit on Aspen's book, but during a period of enforced nothingness I'd finished all my work while in Illinois and forgot my book on the train ride back) I came up with the answer. So I have been plugging away at it. The trick, of course, is that life intervenes in the form of family, animals, and general all-purpose stuff.

Some of it, of course, is self-imposed.

I was depressed. One of the first and best ways I deal with a serious downturn is to redecorate my surroundings. It gives me an immediately visible result over something I actually have some control over. When I manage that, I feel like I'm on a roll and can usually get unstuck in the other areas of my life. I know it may not work like that for everybody, but I'm not everybody.

ANYWAY, I started with my living room. Moved the floral curtains from the office onto the main windows in the LR. Got rid of the ruined ones from the LR. Then I started painting the office sky blue. My living room back in Colorado was sky blue (with white on white curtains) and I have really missed it. Got one wall done, Saturday. Took Sunday off and was starting again today.


I knocked over the paint can onto the hardwood floor, spilling a good half-gallon.

All of the time and energy that would've gone into painting went into cleaning up the mess. But clean I did. Of course, I had to keep the animals away while I did it (very unhappy critters, they LIKE being in the office when I'm in there.) Of course halfway through it starts to storm. I can't let the dog in until the paint is completely cleaned or I swear to God she'd drink it. (OOOOOH, blue... does it taste like boooberries?) I love the puppy, but I KNOW the puppy. She would have an absolute BALL putting nice big paw imprints everywhere!

ANYWAY, I am taking a moment to laugh it off, sit in the air conditioning, and then finish up for the day. I will try again tomorrow with (I hope) better luck and results.

Hey, at least the writing went well. Although, now that I think about it, I think I'm going to back up my work. Later...