Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pondering List

Hi guys! We'll see if Blogger has things running smoothly again. They were having fits for a while which made it impossible to save my posts or for you guys to make comments. But I'm thinking they've got it fixed. (At least that's the hope.)

I don't know how many of you liked Pinky & the Brain, but I loved it. The pondering list was priceless. I actually have a written version of the entire list saved somewhere that some sweet soul compiled. Then again, I also have this whole file of jokes which I send to my mother when there's nothing much to say.

WHICH REMINDS ME. Yes, I know that the whole virus thing got to be huge, but I MISS JOKES. They make the work day just a little easier to get through. Now I don't mean we should waste hours and hours (like one of my former co-workers did) enrolling in every joke site on the net, but the occasional e-mail to brighten things up? Definitely. I don't think I'll ever really understand the destructive tendency that makes people want to create viruses that screw with complete strangers. I guess its the "power rush" thing, but I don't "get it." It is on the (ever growing) list of things Cathy is keekping - "Things Cie doesn't understand and nobody will ever really be able to explain to her." Right up there with beautiful messages that end in a threatening chain letter message that spoils the whole da**ed thing. I love chocolate, but I wouldn't want it rammed down my throat. Don't get it. Will never get it. Have to let it go.

One of the complaints we've gotten from a few people is that we don't "redeem" our hero. He doesn't feel as though he needs it. It's like the old joke about "How many shrinks does it take to change a lightbulb?" The answer - "One, but it takes a VERY long time and the lightbulb has to WANT to change." If we're going to be realistic and have the types of characters who are "people" with faults and problems, not everybody is going to conform to the social norms. Some will. Some just won't.

Find I don't have much more to say that doesn't have me staying on my soapbox (which neither of us needs). Maybe more will occur to me later. But thanks for popping by.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday guys! How's it going?

I tried to post yesterday and it didn't. (Computer glitch) OKay though because it was a really boring and uninformative post.

OK first the litany of complaints. I'll just get 'em out of the way and you can skip this paragraph -- UGH. The body is acting up. Not hugely, but enough to be a serious pain in the a... patootie. I'm behind on EVERYTHING. I can't afford to be feeling lousy. BUT I am.

THE GOOD NEWS IS I'M WRITING AGAIN. Cathy and I had this long discussion about all the different projects over the trip to San Antonio and I got really inspired. WHOO HOO!!!

More good news that is kinda weird to me, but flattering as hell. Someone from one of the boards actually tried to come to the signing! (Thanks SO MUCH) That is seriously cool. The person even brought their video camera and wanted to catch film of us signing the books. It's amazing to me that anybody actually would care. I mean it's just ME for heaven's sake! Well, me and Cathy. But you get the gist. I am SO not complaining -- but I have to admit to being confused.

Was looking for an old scene that we may be raiding for one of the books. Found lots of pages out of that version of that manuscript, still looking for the right computer file for the scene. Saw that I wrote that book (which is WAY down the road in the Sazi series as originally envisioned) back in 1997. WHOA... I'm feeling OLD. But at the same time I'm so incredibly happy because I'M GETTING TO LIVE THE LIFE I'VE DREAMED OF SINCE I WAS ABOUT THREE! How many people actually get to do that? Yeah, I worked my BUTT off (not that you'd be able to tell from the size of the silly thing) for a LONG time to get here. But it was SOOOOOO worth it. I keep telling my son that dreams do come true -- but you have to be willing to work for them and really look at what you're willing (and not willing) to do.

Another note of, well, note... DREAMS CAN CHANGE. It's OK if things that looked spectacularly cool at 15 don't look all that cool at 45. You shouldn't trap yourself into sticking with something that doesn't make you happy any more. Things change, people change. Now, don't get me wrong. If you have responsibilities, you have to meet them or face the consequences (not the least of which is feeling really crappy about yourself). But you can meet them while you use your "free" time and energy to move your life in the direction you want to go.

As a single mom I had a responsibility to my son when he was little. In order to meet those responsibilities I worked multiple jobs. My writing took place at 4:30 or 5:00 A.M. while he was still asleep. It was hard. But it was absolutely worth it. And the fruits of that work have finally arrived. WHOOO HOOO!!!!

OK, that was quite the ramble. Very "up on my soap box" and rah rah. But I believe in people. I believe in hard work. I PARTICULARLY believe in hard working people.

Have a great day. I'm off to write. (GRIN)


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter/Serious WHOOPS

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter!

Yesterday's signing turned out to be a serious oops -- not mine or Cathy's though. We got down to San Antonio, walk into the store, and realize they've got posters up for LORI HANDELAND's Hunter's Moon instead of ours. They ordered the wrong books too. So there's nothing for us to sign, people aren't expecting us, etc.

Honest mistake. We weren't annoyed or anything. Signed the two books they still had in stock, left them some book plates and advertising materials, and rescheduled. The sad part is, both Cathy and I considered bringing a box of the books, but decided AGAINST it. Sigh. We'll know better next time. Although, truthfully, we (and the publisher) are now being MUCH more careful not to pick a common or duplicate title.

Live and learn.

Anyway, we didn't stay, went down to the riverwalk, ate a good meal. Didn't go to the Alamo because the weather was a bit sucky and we were both tired. Got some serious discussion time for plot twists for the three books we've got going simultaneously right now. So all in all it was a very productive day. Just no signing.

Gotta run.

Hope everybody's having a great weekend.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Warning -- Very Serious Post With Spiritual Content.


Welcome to DT. Hope all is well with everyone. Got some really good writing done yesterday afternoon, which improved my mood immensely.

One cool thing about writing. It makes you think. Sometimes fun stuff. Sometimes serious things.

One of the things that has come up in the book(s) is handling grief and rage. We put our characters through the wringer sometimes. Sometimes its in the name of plot. Sometimes for versimillitude (sp?). But one of the things about rage/hurt/anger and the negative emotions that have been triggered by another person (deliberately or not) is that at some point you have to choose to let them go or you are giving away your life. The person who hurt you is in control so long as what THEY did is controlling what YOU do. You have to decide (consciously or otherwise) that you're NOT going to let them take away another second of your happiness. Then every time it comes up, you have to choose it again.

It's incredibly hard. A lot of people don't succeed at it. They get stuck in the anger and hurt. It's all they think about; all they want to talk about. Which is at the heart of a lot of BITTER people who have driven off all their supporters and end up even more angry and alone.

I think, in part, that is why most of the religions of the world (maybe all, but I haven't looked into all of them, so I can't say) put so much focus on forgiveness. They want you to forgive yourself, and forgive others, so that you can actually move on to something positive and re-connect with joy and with God. (If you don't believe in God, just go for the joy. I do believe.) Without joy, it's very hard to create anything positive. Negative/destructive feelings breed negative/destructive actions which influence other people making them.... (you get the idea). It is more succinctly and colorfully put in the time honored adage. "Shit flows downhill."

BUT so does good stuff. A positive, energetic attitude is just as contagious. You can CATCH someone's enthusiasm. When you hear an infectious laugh, you may laugh too -- even if you didn't hear the joke.

So, our characters get to go through the wringer -- but they have to come out the other side: thoughtful, but hopefully whole. And that, my friends, is almost as tricky to pull off in fiction as it is in real life.

But it's a choice. Then again, most things in life are.

Have a great day.

(PS -- These are, of course, Cie's views. Cathy hasn't looked at, approved, or doesn't necessarily agree with the post. She might, or not, but I haven't checked one way or the other.)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Again

Friday Again. Haven't accomplished much writing. HOWEVER, my son has to work today all day and I only work half a day. This means I will have the house and the computer room all to myself for HOURS AND HOURS. This also means that I will (WHOO HOO) actually be able to write the romantic tension and sexual scenes that are impossible to do when I'm getting interrupted repeatedly. Believe me when I tell you the characters are going to be SOOOOOO relieved. Raphael's been wearing nothing but a towel for nearly a week!

Was looking for a scene from an old version of a novel that we're raiding for Captive Moon (the Sazi book tht Cathy's working on). It was in one of the drafts of a book that will probably never see the light of day. What was cool was that I as I was scanning for the scene I got completely caught up in the story. Usually I'm incredibly critical of my own writing, but it had been long enough that I was able to read it as if it was somebody else's work. It's very encouraging to me. Made me feel like I may actually be OK at this stuff and that other people may like my work too.

Big signing tomorrow. I'm happy about that. Easter this weekend. Happy holiday to those of you who celebrate it.

Well, gotta run. Everybody have a good weekend.


Thursday, March 24, 2005


Hi Guys!

Eric, good to hear from you. Not time to panic yet. I still have time to find it and fax the stuff to the accountant. Now if we get close to April 10 or something, then PANIC -- although even then I could file for an extension. Still, I want to get it out of the way.

All right, checked with my son to see which television character he thought I'd be. His vote was for Abbie Bartlett on The West Wing. Not sure how to take that. I think I'm flattered... sort of.

Had a terrible nightmare last night. Took me a while to shake it off when I woke up this morning. Still trying to figure out the meaning. My nightmares (like many peoples) are usually cryptic warnings about things going on in my life. But this one was hideous and I don't know "where to put it." Ah well, if I don't figure it out there'll be another one tonight (and the next and the next) until I get one that will be just different enough to "make sense" so I can "fix" the problem. My sub/un conscious is nothing if not persistent.

Anyway, hope you will all stop by again soon. Tell me what television character you are if you feel the impulse. I'm curious about you guys.

OOPS -- ALMOST FORGOT -- We're doing a signing in San Antonio on Saturday. Details are on the website. Hope some of you can attend. (Alas, I'm fairly sure that Yo won't fly up from Australia [sigh]). Hope you can come.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's Wednesday

Blogger weirdness doubled the post. I eliminated one, but lost Jim's comment. SORRY.

OK Afternoon now. Feeling a bit better.

Took a Quizilla quiz on "Which That 70s Show Character are you."

As of this afternoon, I, am Hyde. "Dude, you're seriously cool, and seriously ... serious. You've got awesome taste in music, and you're pretty much never seen without your shades. Pulling pranks on your pals is a favorite pastime of yours, but hey, they're so gullible, it's hard to resist. You think you're so tough, but deep down you're really a very sensitive, caring person. Dammit!"

Hmnnn, in reality, what television character would I be.... hmmnnn. All right folks, I'm not sure, so I will SOLICIT YOUR OPINIONS!!!! Hit the comments and let me know your thoughts.

Good Morning.

It's Wednesday. I've beeen being a very good girl and working on my taxes. This has been made much trickier due to the fact that I put all of my important deduction paperwork in a single "safe" place that is now so safe I can't FIND IT! ARGH!!! Cathy gave me a wonderful suggestion for next year -- when you put it away, mark in your Outlook or calendar programs WHERE you put it. Which will be hugely helpful next time, but does me no good at the moment and leaves me going through "secondary sources" (i.e., my old day planner) for clues as to lunches, expenses, etc. This is my own blasted fault. I know it is. Which, of course, only makes me MORE grumpy about it. I just really hate it when I do something stupid.

ANYWAY, I'm going to try to write and make myself feel better. Let's hope it works. I'm not doing anybody any good in the mood I am in now.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just a Quick Note

Don't have much time. Have to get things done. But I wanted to say HI! I'd also like to congratulate all of the winners of the PEARLs. Alas, we weren't among them. (Ah well, the competition was REALLY fierce).

Looking forward to a signing this Saturday in San Antonio. Looking forward to the RT Conference in St. Louis and the RWA conference in Reno later in the year. So much going on. So little TIME. I really need to get MOVING on the novel.

Speaking of which... gotta run.


Monday, March 21, 2005



Due to technical difficulties and general life nuttiness, I have been unable to post (or do a number of other things) over the past few days. I would like to flatter myself that you missed me. Perhaps you didn't, but please don't say so. I'm so sensitive!

Seriously, hope you all had a TERRIFIC St. Patrick's Day. (Jim, it sounds like you did for certain! Hope your Dad is feeling OK and didn't overdo).

A note to the wise. It is impossible to write critical sexual tension scenes (a) when you are home with a child (even an adult child); (b) when you are at work. Both for the same reason -- EWWWWW. You cannot get wonderful erotic thoughts going through your characters heads when someone is complaining about the litter box, wondering what you want for dinner and whether you want them to throw some of your laundry in with theirs so they have a full load.

Now don't get me wrong -- It's ABSOLUTELY appreciated that my son cooks and does laundry. But the interruptions do not help my concentration. (Or my disposition either.)

I read some humorist's writing (don't remember who, sorry) about how children have radar about their parents sexuality. That this radar is the cause of the lack of intimacy in marriages with small children because somehow the kids just KNOW and wake up and interrupt. I have also heard teenagers complain about their parents' radar, so perhaps it is innate. I don't know. I do know that it wasn't radar for my great aunt. Great aunt had a big mirror she placed in the hallway of her house. It had "always" been in the same place. When her daughters were teenagers they wondered how she always "knew" when they were "in a clinch" on the couch with their boyfriends after mom was in bed and how she interrupted them before things got very far. Well... truth came out when they were married and adults. The mirror was placed so that she could SEE the couch from her bedroom when she left the door open.

My characters will, no doubt, get to know each other better. But this weekend, they got to meet up with the equivalent of my great aunt, and they were SOOOOO not happy about it. (wink)

Anyway, hope all is well with y'all. Drop me a note if you can. Sorry, haven't made it to the post office yet. (Long boring story -- going to do it today or tomorrow, promise!) Please don't be mad.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Stuff and Nonsense

Hi Guys!

Cathy and I had a great meeting at lunch today. Now before I forget, Yo and Jimbo, e-mail me off post. We have a thank you surprise for each of you. We really are grateful to you guys for all your support.

Life is absolutely nuts, but generally in a good way. I can't believe how fast the time is zooming by. So scary, but in a good way (if that makes any sense).

James is preparing for the big jump to either Austin or Denver. It all depends on job prospects. It's very nerve wracking for both of us, but, again, exciting.

I don't really have anything much to say. I'm hoping to take some time to make a stab at drawing. I haven't done any of my art work for a while, but SOMEBODY posted on SOME WEREWOLF BOARD about needing action drawings of werewolves skateboarding and surfing, and... well... I love a challenge...

Anyway -- Hope all is well with you. Take care. Write when you can.



Monday, March 14, 2005

Hi Guys!

Happy Monday!

Things are going well here. I got some stuff done this weekend, got a little rest. Feel pretty good today.

Good news for the day is that Moon's Web is ranking high on Amazon. We're hoping to hit that important "Early Adopter" list again.

I'm sending a copy of a pre-arc on Moon's Web to my Mom, along with the hardback book club copy of the book. I think it'll make her happy.

Cathy and I are working out our plans for conferences and events. It's tricky. This is my first year at my job here in Brady and I only get so much time off. BUT, the writing stuff is hugely important. We'll just have to see.

Gotta run! Have a great day!


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Happy Weekend

Happy weekend all. The weather here has been beautiful. I've been doing stuff around the house and writing.

I'm at one of the transition points in the story. I hate those. You HAVE to get from point A to point B without being boring. Give people the information, but not orate endlessly, etc. Action scenes - fine; sex scenes (which is just another form of action - fine; transition scenes, pain in the patootie. I think that's one of the reason why so many of the books I read "sag" in the middle. People know how the stories begin, they know how they want them to end, but they can't quite get from the former to the latter. I think that may be one of the differences between good adn great authors. With great authors you don't NOTICE the transition, it's just seamless. Oh, to be able to do that effortlessly. Then again, maybe its not effortless for them either. They may just not talk about it.

Later guys. Back to the grindstone.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Guten Friday

Guten Friday folks! I'm SOOOOO glad this week is over. It's been a rough one. And for reasons I can't explain technology has been being a pain in the patootie as well. Yesterday I tried to post, but it SOOOO wasn't happening. Hope y'all missed me. (Grin).

We've gotten more reviews in. Thus far they are all top marks. WHOO HOO!! Most people say they like Moon's Web BETTER than they liked Hunter's Moon.

Not sleeping well this week, so I'm totally pooped. Hope resting up over the weekend will help!

Everybody have a great day!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Laughter is Curative.

Laughter is curative. They've actually done studies that show it promotes healing and helps (in some cases) remission in some cancers. (And no, I can't cite the studies any more, but I DID read it several years ago). I believe it. And even if it didn't, doesn't it just make life that much better!?

I had a friend in high school who loved coming over to my house because my family LAUGHED, all the time. We were/are nuts. God is sacred, everything else is fair game. She admitted that her family were all VERY SERIOUS. When I visited their hous there were esoteric (but extremely interesting) and learned discussions... but they never seemed to be having fun. I like intellectual discussions. But I would miss laughter. I'd miss smart-ass comments that weren't at anybody's expense. I don't like jokes that have somebody at the butt. I don't like insults that are "half joking." Anything that is hurtful -- not for me. But life has SOOOOO much humor that isn't hurtful.

So, the next time I'm sick and tired I'm thinking I'll pull out the old "Young Frankenstein" disk, or "Dave" or maybe "The January Man" or "Danger Mouse" and go for a good laugh. Even if it doesn't make me healthy, I bet I'll feel better.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tough Morning

Tough morning. Nothing huge, just the everyday kind of stuff that occasionally falls down on you like the stuff from the top shelf of an overstuffed closet: errands, housework, and general all-round life crap that doesn't do itself. I've been putting off a lot of things because I've been so tired and it all (well, most of it) conspired to get even with me while I was trying to get ready for work this morning. I triumphed, but not without a fair level of aggravation. I'd still be wrestling with it if I hadn't decided to get up early to work on the book.

Anyway, work looks like it'll be OK today, so that's good. Maybe I can get my act together. You never know.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Writing went well this weekend. I've actually made progress! Got about 1/2 of the tax paperwork done - which brings it to manageable size (whoo hoo!). Need to do serious housework, but hey, I'm not Wonder Woman. Even I can only do so much with the time I am given. Didn't get any reading done either, which is a serious bummer. I had Yolanda's stories all ready to read, and I wound up sleeping a bunch. She is at the very top of my "TBR" list (and believe me when I say it's a LOOOOOOOOONG list).

Well, work is going to be a serious bear this week, so I'd best get to it. Please be understanding if I can't check in as much as usual.


Saturday, March 05, 2005

In Answer to A Question

Hi Guys! Saturday morning and I thought I'd stop by before I get to work on the (Yippee) writing and the (UGH) housework and (SUPER UGH) taxes. (What, me, procrastinate? Surely you jest!)

Robin asked me a question in the comments on yesterday, so I figured I'd take a sec to answer.

Cathy and I tried the "traditional" partnership thing in various ways. Alternating chapters sucked, there was no continuity in the mss and the other person would get aggravated if the story went off in a direction different than what we'd discussed (as they are wont to do) because everything THEY'D planned just got thrown out the window. Led to a lot of frustration and irritability on all parts. What we've finally worked out that works for us (and you'll have to try different things until you find the right "fit" -- which you'll know when you see it) is:

We talk out the books completely during our daily walks (we exercise every day for our [particularly my] health) including character quirks, backgrounds, reminders of what we've done in the previous books that can't be undone, where we want this book to go, but also where we want the entire series to go.

Once it's plotted out and we have the whole of the book "iin our heads" then it goes to one or the other of us to do the first draft. Usually who it goes to depends on a couple of things: (1) whose turn is it based on who did the last one; (2) what's going on in our personal lives (i.e., who is actually likely to have enough time to get it done on schedule); (3) where we are with other books (we've learned to try not to pull me off of the same manuscript too many times because I lose the thread, lose my patience, and lose my temper in that order.) Four or five major interruptions (taking one to two weeks) is about my max. Fortunately, most interruptions (Like edit memos for previous books, etc.) really don't take Cathy and I that long. So we're generally OK. It also helps if we're both working on books in the same world at the same time, so we're at least looking at the same reality and overlapping characters and plot lines so I don't have to completely redirect my energies.

Generally Cathy and I are each working on a different book at the same time. Right now she is working on Antoine's book and I am working on Catherine. She just finished the copy edits on Moon's Web and we are about to get interrupted by the edit memo on Touch of Evil (the vampire non-Sazi book). I have been being VERY VERY good and only writing down all the new world and story ideas in brief memo forms so that I don't get lured off by the siren song of a totally cool story that isn't contracted. But it is very good news that I have been HAVING whole new world ideas again. I don't think creatively when my health is the pitts.

When we finish our first draft of whatever we're writing we pass the mss off to the other person for review and edits.

Now this is where it gets tricky. Despite the fact that we've talked it through in advance, and talked about the direction all the time we've been writing, what you see in your hands from the other person is not necessarily what you thought had been decided. People hear things differently. So, we've developed certain rules. When there is a minor dispute, we work it out. But if there is a "neither one of us is bending on this" dispute tie goes to the writer (i.e., the primary for that manuscript). This does NOT make the person "losing" happy, but it IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and you can comfort yourself that it'll be your turn when YOU are the primary. If you are going to have an ongoing partnership that will actually work through the years the one thing you have to protect the most is the partnership. It is more important than the individual books, and it is CERTAINLY more important than the individual scenes. Getting pissy and having a snit fit will cause bad blood that can destroy the partnership faster than anything. Because if you didn't both think you were right, you wouldn't be arguing. If you don't want to do the "tie goes to the writer" baseball analogy, flip a coin. But come up with your solution before the problem surfaces and stick to it.

Once we've each edited the mss of the other, we hand them back and the person looks over the changes. Some you accept. Some you refuse. Some, you look at the other person and ask "WHY are you wanting to do this?" Because while you don't necessarily like the language, there may need to be a change. "I didn't understand XYZ" can lead you to go -- "Oh, OK, so what if we.....?" We've come up with some of our best work during the re-writes because the editing brings out things you didn't realize were logic gaps. (Sing with me folks "First there is a purse and then there is no purse and then there is." [for those of you who like Donovan])

When we've gone through and edited the edits we both look it over ONE MORE TIME for consistency (but no major edits). Is the carpet blue in scene one and purple in Chapter 5? This is our chance to catch the "Why does Bob have blue eyes in the scene with Mary and brown in the scene witih June?" stuff before it gets sent out. Because after this run, it goes to the agent. (And yes, she will have suggestions too -- but thank God they're usually fairly minor) From the agent it goes (hopefully, if she accepts it) to the publisher/editor -- who will (you guessed it) have changes as well (which you HOPE will be minor, but hey Hunter had a 20 page edit letter).

Who does these edits -- well, it depends. If one of you is in the middle of a "life sucks" period -- its the other one. Otherwise, I would suggest it go to the primary. But that's one of those negotiable things, because at this point you've both worked on it enough to handle it.

But, again, because it's important. If you're going to keep a partnership going, the partnership is more important than the individual book.

And, like any other relationship, the partnership is going to take some work.

Oh, one more thing. For the record, you cannot keep your personal life from impacting the partnership. Don't think you can do the Business is Business/Personal is Personal bit. Your personal life impacts your writing in many and subtle ways. Your priorities impact it as well. Cathy and I both understand that our families come first, the partnership second and we each expect the other to act accordingly. If it is a matter of choosing between our family and our work, the work will not win and we are both ok with that as long as we make sure that those kind of choices don't come up too often.

OK that was probably WAYYYYYYYYYY more than you wanted to know. But I do hope it helps.

(PS I'm going to call Cathy and see if she wants to edit this -- it's practically a mss. GRIN)


Friday, March 04, 2005

Bon Giorno

Bon Giorno! Welcome to my Friday.

The week has absolutely flown, but in a good way. The contracts are on their way (YIPPEEE). The schedule for the books for 2006 has shifted a little. (March instead of January, etc.) They were going to change the Christmas book at first, but since it's being written as a Christmas book and is in process they changed their minds.

In case it hasn't been obvious to those of you who stop in here, I'm relatively insecure about my writing. Aw hell, no relatively about it. I'm insecure. I love my stories, but.... ANYWAY, yesterday I got shown something that made me feel like I actually MIGHT have some talent and that if we make it, it won't JUST be because of my esteemed co-author. AND that we actually, really, truly just might make it big. My son, sweet loving creature that he is, gave me this completely disgusted look and said "DUH!" Gotta love the kid.

Edits going back today on Moon's Web. Edits on the vampire book (Touch of Evil, affectionately referred to as "TOE" or "Kate") should be arriving around the end of the month. Going to be VERY busy, but it's good busy.

Well, I've got to scan the computer and get all the stuff that has to get done before the weekend done.

In the meantime -- Yo, glad the renovations went well and CONGRATS ON LOSING THE JOB YOU HATED!!! Plan to read more of your stuff this weekend. I'm printing it out and taking it home.

Jim -- glad you're starting to get better. Take care of yourself and give your Dad my well-wishes.

Everybody have a wonderful weekend.

Gotta run.



Thursday, March 03, 2005

Life's Been Good

Life's good. Very good. I get impatient and frustrated because things don't always move on my schedule and under my control. Thank God they don't really. Things ALWAYS work out better when I can relax a bit and let them take their natural course. But I have control issues.

Hunter's Moon is doing well. Moon's Web is doing well. James is doing well. I need to relax a bit. Things need to develop in their own way.

Gotta run, busy day at work today.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Happy happy joy joy!!!!

Lots of good news today.

Let's see. We were nominated for a PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award in Romance Literature) which is a reader's award, under Best New Author. Seriously COOL!

THEN we received back one of the advance reviews we sent out for Moon's Web AND IT GOT A PERFECT 10! They said we can use it for publicity as we like AND it nominates us automatically for their award for Best Book of 2005.


Hola, que tal?

Morning guys!

Not a lot to say this morning. I was in a foul mood earlier -- primarily because I'm hurting. It'll take a few days for the upped thyroid dosage to kick in I think. I also contacted a local bed and breakfast that has a hot tub to see what they would charge to use it once a week or so. Hey, it's worth a shot. I love hot tubs, and they really do help with the muscle pain. Besides, they can be a lot of fun.

Would you believe I STILL haven't managed to get my taxes done. I'm such a doofus sometimes! (Can you say "procrastination"? I knew you could.)

Life is heating up -- gotta run. Back soon I hope.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Aha! It had been a few days since the last whooo hooo, but we have TWO things to crow about!

First -- We didn't know it, but we were in the Rhapsody Book Club -- IN HARDBACK -- that is SUCH good news! We're seeing if we cant get copies for our files. SO COOL.

Second -- WE PLACED 3RD IN THE RIOS. Hunter's Moon is now an award winner. Considering the competition, that is really an accomplishment. One of the new authors I've started reading (as though I needed another book addiction) is Katie McAlister, and she tied for 1st so I certainly can't complain. She's one of the "big dogs" with a LOT of books out on the shelves, etc.


(Cie is now dancing, badly)