Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life Being Lifish

Life is very good. BUT it can be very "lifish".  By that I mean, weird, annoying and often frustrating things will happen, and usually in bunches.

The car window motor will go out with the window in the down position.
Then it will rain for the first time in weeks before you can get to the mechanic.
Then, after you have slapped together some covering with duct tape, cardboard and plastic a stray cat who is afraid of the thunderstorm will break through it, sleep in your vehicle, and mark the front passenger seat quite thoroughly.  (And won't it be FUN trying to get him out in the morning when you're late for work!)

That sort of thing.

Life, my friends, has been lifish.  I am very glad to say that I seem to have recovered from the pneumonia.  I am behind on absolutely everything.  But I am, at least mostly, well.

I am grateful.

Being very sick sucketh.

But life continues to be lifish.  Ergo, I have no idea when I'll get caught up on everything.

But I will continue to try.  Because that's what you do.  And I will laugh when I can, in an effort to keep sane.

And I will write.  Because I love it, and because (gratefully) the publisher seems to think that it's worth paying me for, and the readers continue to buy (THANK YOU GUYS!).

But I will be behind for a while yet.  And I am sorry.  But I lost a lot of time being sick.