Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Morning


We ran into our editor at RT. Bless her heart, she gave us an extra two weeks. I really needed it because I was rushing too much and in a panic because I couldn't afford to take that time off to go to the conference. So now we're back and I'm pushing hard to polish it up to the point where I can give it to Cathy. Since I figured out part of what was bothering me on the trip, I am adding those sections.

I want this to be a great, fun, read. As always, I'm terrified that I'm blowing it irretrievably. I don't ever want to get too cocky, but a little confidence might be a nice thing. SIGH.

Anyway, back to work. Hope you guys missed me. :)


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hey Guys!

No, I did not fall off of the earth, despite rumors to the contrary. We went to RT.

Good news is:

1) We won an award for Best Werewolf Romance. (WHOO HOO!!!)
2) We saw seriously cool people and met some new ones.
3) Signing went well. Books sold, people met.
4) Got many more people interested in a newsletter
5) Got lotsa pictures (Cathy will be posting some and sending some with the newsletter)
6) Relaxed and had lotsa book ideas. (Which have been duly placed on the back burner until after we get done with the stuff for this contract.)

One of the coolest things about this job (and there are many) is the people. Some of the folks we ran into who we've already known, and some we met are big front-list authors. But they're REAL people. No bullshit. No attitude of superiority. You have to love a New York Times Bestselling Author who can quote Rocky Horror Picture at you and share the war stories of the first time you ever saw it. Or the other major author who admitted that probably the biggest thing she's hoping for is to be tapped for a comic book. ("How much of a geek does that make me?" was what she asked.) Or the "Lifetime Achievement" winner who had us in stitches all through the signing, bought all our books, and announced to all and sundry that the two of us were "absolutely demented!" as she laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes.

Another seriously cool thing -- running into the author who had just had her first book published at the last conference and was nervous as hell a year later -- after the book EXPLODED onto the scene and has done amazing things for her.

The cover models are great. Some of them are such incredibly nice guys, and THIS year things were much better as far as the attendees behaving and not doing the aggressively harrassing stuff.

There was the ocean, walks on the beach, a boardwalk with SKI BALL!!! An Aussie Tim Tam party. Food. More food. And yet, more food. I'm amazed I didn't waddle home. But the good news is, as much walking as we did, I think I actually lost weight!

Our editor is THE BEST!!!! Great good people.


Speaking of, the puppy's goin' nuts. Need to check and see what's wrong.



Saturday, May 20, 2006


I would like to thank the Academy....

Seriously, we won the RT Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Werewolf Romance for Moon's Web. :) Got to accept at an awards banquet and everything. Thanked RT, Cathy, my friends and family (especially James), our Agent, Editor, and YOU GUYS!!! The readers are the ones who make this so much fun. So stand up and raise your virtual glass. You deserve it!

Thanks all!!


Friday, May 19, 2006


Hi Guys!

Writing from Daytona Beach, Florida. We're at the convention and things are HOPPING! Today they will do the awards ceremony. We're up for an award, so keep your fingers crossed!

Last night we had a wonderful dinner with Laurell K. Hamilton, her husband, bodyguard, some fans, Angela Knight and her husband. All in all there were nine people, and we had a wonderful time. I can never complain about a night when everyone can quote Mel Brooks. :)

It's very odd. This is our second RT Convention. They are so much fun! There was an Aussie Tim Tam party yesterday that was a great time! I was too pooped to go to the Vampire Ball, but Cathy went and has some pictures.

Anna (our editor) arrived last night. We haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. But we're looking forward to it.

Best wishes to all. I've got to go.


Sunday, May 14, 2006


Hi Guys! Happy Mother's Day.

Let's see, I don't have long, but I wanted to write. I'm going to the RT Conference and will be off of the blog for about a week. (Unless I can't bear it and log onto the pay computer--always a possibility). I still have to finish packing.

I love travel.
I hate travel.

I've pretty-much finished the first draft of the book. When I get back I'll be beefing it up for a day or two, then passing it to Cathy. It took longer than it was supposed to, which sucks. While I know the trip is important, a part of me really wishes I could stay and work on the book longer. I feel like I've been rushing it too much and it's driving me crazy!

I also hate leaving the house a mess, but getting the draft done was more important than housework. James is here to take care of the animals, so everything will be fine at home, but I fret anyway.

There are two I'm buying myself out of the next check if I can (barring unexpected expenses, which always seem to come up.) (1) A dehumidifier (I mean, crap, this morning I sat up at the computer and put on my glasses AND THEY FOGGED UP IN FRONT OF MY FACE. THAT is flipping humid. UGH. The heat doesn't bother me. The humidity does. I ACHE. So, a good dehumidifier. (2) A new mattress. I have one of the adjustable air beds (the model before there were "sleep numbers." It has served me well for a number of years. But alas, all good things come to an end. It's losing air all the time, and the divider in the middle has died so that I roll downward in my sleep. Sometimes it's actually funny because side A will deflate, but side B is still full (or vice versa, they deflate at different rates, which is annoying) and I will be sleeping on an incline. Enough already!

Anyway, I'm trying to get over being grumpy while everybody is still asleep. Humor does it for me. So I'm laughing at my bed and promising myself that I'll get a new mattress when I get the next check.

Everybody be happy! If you're going to RT, say hi to me in the bar!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here we go again!


Sorry it's been a bit. The book deadline is looming, and while the pages keep coming, they're not coming as fast as I would like. Fortunately I haven't gone down too many dead ends with this one. I think I'd lose it completely if I did. Anyway, I've been locking myself in the office for hours at a stretch to make page production. Since writing the blog and posting to sites doesn't get pages out it's mainly gone by the wayside.

The RT conference is coming up in Daytona. Have to get things done before I go. I'm looking forward to seeing people, but weirdly, I'm not looking forward to the trip. I have so many things to do, I hate to take a week and a half off. Which probably means that I NEED to take a week and a half off. The body is not happy with me right now. I pushed it right to the edge of the abyss before I left the law office. The rest of the world can do that sort of thing and be okay after a couple days of rest. I need weeks, sometimes even months. Just the difference between people. So, if I handle the trip right I may actually come back in better shape. Keep your fingers crossed!

The dog is at 40 pounds. She is due to get spayed in June or July. We've had people approach us about breeding her, but I'm not going to. There are so many stray puppies and kittens where I'm at. Hell, she was a stray that nobody claimed. No, I won't add to the puppy population. Thus far the back fence is holding, which is good. The housebreaking is pretty much a go except when she is sick or there's a huge thunderstorm. Baby just doesn't like thunder and lightning. She can do a standing jump as high as my chest, and a running jump as high as my shoulders. She is very strong, very smart, beautiful, and very, very protective of me.

The cats are doing well. I'm happy about that. I got one of the multi-picture frames for me and another for James and took pics of all the animals to put in the frames.

Well, my break is over. Back to the book. Kate just got out of the first major fight scene and the police aftermath. She's extremely vulnerable and emotional. Not the easiest scene for me to write, but essential for the love story/romantic arc.

Hope all is well with you. Oh, and I'm thinking about the Vampire Lestat Ball again. New Orleans is rebuilding, and they're having the ball. I'm thinking it would be good to support that, but we'll see how I'm doing.

Later all -- be happy.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Back on Track

OK, there are plotters, pansters, and a combination of both. I started out my writing as a panster. Come up with a general idea, realistic characters, and let 'em rip.

Cathy is a plotter. She plans where things are going and her characters damned well better stay on the map!

Working together things have evolved into a kind of a compromise.

Touch of Madness started with an outline. Unfortunately, the characters started wandering somewhat away from the outline as I worked to incorporate information that had changed since the first book got (a) finished being written and (b) edited and published. One thing started leading to another which, in this case, was not necessarily a good thing.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS we're back on track. The story has come back in the direction of the outline and is progressing nicely. (Not quickly enough to suit me, but that's a whole 'nother blog for another day.) ANYWAY, I have to get back to it, but am happy to report that I can actually see progress. Now I have to move the dog into the back yard and get writing again!

Later folks.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hola, que tal?

Hi, how's it goin'?

Got close to 20 pages out today so I'm in a great mood about that. Also feeling better physically than I have in a while. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe it'll keep up!



Monday, May 01, 2006

Unintentional Grumpbucket

Hi Kids:

I'm an unintentional grumpbucket today. Achy, tired (although better than I was), but seriously behind on the self-imposed deadline that will get the book to Cathy with actual time for her to edit it. Made me snarly this morning, which is NOT acceptable.

The goal as of right now is to get this book done, and get down to business on a book for next year so that we're a bit ahead and I won't be operating under the gun so much next year. Wish me luck on that! Books get written at the speed they get written. You can only push your mind and body so hard before they rebel.

Gotta run. Pages, pages, pages. :D

Be happy.