Monday, September 04, 2006

There are days, and then there are DAYS

Hi all! I'm back, working hard, etc. Good things are happening. I had hit the wall a bit on Aspen's book, but during a period of enforced nothingness I'd finished all my work while in Illinois and forgot my book on the train ride back) I came up with the answer. So I have been plugging away at it. The trick, of course, is that life intervenes in the form of family, animals, and general all-purpose stuff.

Some of it, of course, is self-imposed.

I was depressed. One of the first and best ways I deal with a serious downturn is to redecorate my surroundings. It gives me an immediately visible result over something I actually have some control over. When I manage that, I feel like I'm on a roll and can usually get unstuck in the other areas of my life. I know it may not work like that for everybody, but I'm not everybody.

ANYWAY, I started with my living room. Moved the floral curtains from the office onto the main windows in the LR. Got rid of the ruined ones from the LR. Then I started painting the office sky blue. My living room back in Colorado was sky blue (with white on white curtains) and I have really missed it. Got one wall done, Saturday. Took Sunday off and was starting again today.


I knocked over the paint can onto the hardwood floor, spilling a good half-gallon.

All of the time and energy that would've gone into painting went into cleaning up the mess. But clean I did. Of course, I had to keep the animals away while I did it (very unhappy critters, they LIKE being in the office when I'm in there.) Of course halfway through it starts to storm. I can't let the dog in until the paint is completely cleaned or I swear to God she'd drink it. (OOOOOH, blue... does it taste like boooberries?) I love the puppy, but I KNOW the puppy. She would have an absolute BALL putting nice big paw imprints everywhere!

ANYWAY, I am taking a moment to laugh it off, sit in the air conditioning, and then finish up for the day. I will try again tomorrow with (I hope) better luck and results.

Hey, at least the writing went well. Although, now that I think about it, I think I'm going to back up my work. Later...

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