Saturday, November 17, 2007

Returning FINALLY

Okay guys, I haven't posted since SEPTEMBER and it's um. . . mid-November. Can you tell I've been having tech problems? Been BUSY much? LOL.

Let's see.

FenCon was fun. The signing with all the other authors was fun. Day job has been HUGELY busy.

My phone is being a PITA. Small appliances are being a PITA. My computer is being a PITA. Do we see a trend here? Mainly it is because of something y'all are NOT going to believe, but it is true. So at the risk of sounding nutso, I'll tell you:

ONCE UPON A TIME I was a 14 year old kid. (It's been a while, but I really was a kid once, LOL). I was hormonal and moody (typically) and mad at my parents a lot (gee, really?) and one day I went for a walk. This huge storm came up. I hid out in the door to an apartment building and watched the lightning, etc. until it was pretty much past. Then I decided to walk across the parking lot to the church across the street to call my folks and tell them I was okay. (The storm really had been that bad!) Got halfway across the empty parking lot and BAM. It felt like I'd been hit on the head with a tree limb. I even looked around to see what hit me. Well, what hit me was a bolt of lightning! Had a headache for 3 weeks. And now I have some residual electronic sensitivity that acts up particularly badly when I'm stressed. I am particularly bad with telephones/answering machines (before they were made redundant by voicemail), irons, printers and some of the game systems, but anything electric is fair game. Oh, and I can't wear a watch. From what I gather, this is not completely uncommon in people hit by lightning. It is, however, a nuisance.

Um, I'm behind on everything because of it. Still writing, but the tech guy REALLY needs to work on the computer. The website redesign has been postponed to the point where my very patient but reaching the end of her rope partner is suggesting we hire it out. BUT I SHALL PERSEVERE the book will get written. The computer will get fixed. LIFE WILL GO ON!


Later kiddos.


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