Monday, June 16, 2008

Status Check

Okay, status check:

1) The website.

I ended up not having the kind of time, and additional tech skills were needed. These are things that can be learned, IF you have the time. I didn't/don't. So we hired someone wonderful who is a friend to update it. At which point he immediately had an accident and broke his arm badly. He will be fine, but delays have ensued. It WILL be updated. It will be BEAUTIFUL. But it will be another month or so. SORRY.

2) Books.

Cathy is slaving away on the next Sazi book. It features Tony. SO, for those of you who have been waiting, IT'S COMING. BUT, the publishing process takes time. So it's going to be a few months. SORRY.

Now, the stand-alone novel, Magic's Design is coming out in February. It got moved around a bit because of changes to the cover. Good news, it's going to look great. But it'll be coming out in February. If I could remember how to post pictures I'd post pictures of all the great covers.

ALL the great covers, you ask? WELL, we're having a SPECIAL RUN of the first four Sazi novels too, with brand new covers that look SWEEEEEEEET. If you can say sweet about moody urban fantasy kinds of covers. Anyway, I like 'em, LOTS. AND they'll be at a special sale price, and out together so you can get 'em all. Not sure on the date yet, but this is a huge happy thing.

TOUCH OF DARKNESS COMES OUT AT THE END OF NEXT MONTH! So, for those of you into Kate Reilly and the Thrall, the last book in the series is almost here. Now is the time to re-read the first two to get ready.

MORE TO COME, we're in negotiations as to what the next books will be. I'll keep you advised.




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