Saturday, October 11, 2008



Well, I'm actually back within a week. Don't all keel over from the shock now.

Anyway, the asthma is still a pain, but I'm getting better . . . SLOWLY.

I'm still in Texas, but I think it's going to work out . . . SLOWLY.

Our website guru has had his life implode and has vanished. I am concerned about him personally, and frustrated professionally. But there you go.

Cathy is busy on the edits to the next Tony book. WOOT. I got the paranormal romance short story out for the Mammoth Book anthology (European). I like it. It came in a little bit under word count, but I was actually fairly happy with it. Funny, I had intended just to re-do a short story that I'd done up years ago, but I couldn't find it on the computer. So I thought, "well, I'll just do a quick re-write." Hah! Wound up with a completely different story altogether. But there you go. If I ever DO find the original version, I can re-use it with different names.

I'm in the process of writing a "nice little murder" mystery for my mom. I promised. And I'm trying to deliver. We'll see if I can get it published. I actually got my tax information off to my accountant (GASP/SHUDDER) ON TIME. This is a big thing folks. A BIG thing. Not only did I get that done, I ACTUALLY ORGANIZED ALL OF THE INFORMATION AND RECEIPTS FOR THIS YEAR TO DATE. In file folders. Named. Ordered alphabetically and everything.

I had disconnected the internet thinking I was moving. Since I haven't actually moved, I'm reconnecting it next week. I need it for job hunting, research and the like. It will also allow me to do little things like, oh, I dunno, BLOG, on a more regular basis.

We haven't heard back from the editor on the proposals. We are out of contract at this point. I'm hopeful, but would like to know what to be working on soon. I don't want to end up in a huge time crunch. At any rate, good things are happening. Maybe we'll hear next week.

Gotta run.




Anonymous said...

Dear C t and Cathy

I love the Sazi books but I have a couple of questions that you may be able to answer in your next book. Firstly, how are the Sazi abilities inherited? For example Raven is a wolf but if I followed the stories correctly his many times grandfather Charles is a polar bear, and his father is mated to a jaguar so will their kids be wolfs or jaguars? Secondly how many species of Sazi are there?

C. T. Adams said...

Ah genetics. The great mystery. Anyway, Raven gets his wolfiness from his father's line. Cat and Raphael may have either cats or wolves, but probably wolves because cat was an attack victim and not genetically a cat.

Most of the predator species were, at one time represented in the Sazi, but due to tricks of genetics, persecution, or actively hunting them down and slaughtering them (the spiders, who ate other Sazi as food), some of the lines have died out.

Hope that helps.