Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sleep will be glorious

I am back from my back-to-back trips. The first, to Denver for the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers was wondrous in a businessy way. Of course my gorgeous business cards did NOT arrive in time, which means I will be sending "glad I met you notes" to some of the people I met with cards enclosed rather than just having traded cards at the event. Le sigh.

The second, a trip to visit my parents in Illinois was absolutely spectacular in the warm family way. I'd missed them horribly and am SOOOOOO glad I got to visit.

Also in there were the edits, and attempts at helping Cathy on the current manuscript, and the launch of Siren Song, etc. All of these are good and happy things.

But I am now freaking exhausted. Sleep tonight will be absolutely glorious.

I realized just HOW badly the lack of sleep was affecting me when I did not in the slightest remember the contests I'd put in a couple of blogs launching Siren Song. Didn't have a clue what the entrants were talking about. Told Cathy it must have been one of the ones she sponsored. She denied it vehemently. So I wrote the publicist and a couple other people asking them if they knew about it. Imagine my embarassment when, after I'd been driving an hour to the nearest city to deal with bill paying and business shopping emergencies I realized that I was the one who'd done it. At like 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. So maybe I get a bye on the whole not remembering it thing. I'm REALLY not at my best in the early early morning.

One good thing about the travel. I started having some wonderful ideas for short stories and sticky plot points in the novels, which is quite cool.

I also am doing some things that are meant to help others (like the woman who needs to get her dog trained as an assistance animal and needs autographed quilt pieces which she will then use in the quilt she is putting up for auction to raise money. And other things for other people as well.

But for now, and the nonce, I am going to snug the puppydog and go to BED, where I will indulge in glorious sleep.



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Dolly said...

Glad you're back. Was missing your posts. I just finished Siren Song. I drug it out as long as possible, knowing it would be a while before the next one. I think it is even better than the first!! Non stop action all the way. Thanks so much to you and Cathy for sharing your talents. Do you all have any idea how many books will be in the series? I hope, a bunch.
Glad you're back safe and sound and get some sleep.