Monday, June 18, 2012

Back At It

Trying to wrap my head around work again.  Edits have gone to editor.  Working on the next book in the series.  Proposal with chapters has gone out and it is being reviewed by the editor for a possible offer.  Chatting with agent about a mystery that is of a completely different and non-paranormal nature and what I should/want to be doing with it.  Short story is half-finished for the antho.  It's due at the end of the month.  I've been reminded by people of (a) things that need to be mailed out; and (b) blogs that need to be posted in the Visiting Dignitary area.

I am mostly back to normal.  Yesterday, of course, was hard.  And odd things will hit me at unsuspecting moments.  But life does go on, whether I'm ready or not.  SO, I'd best be ready.  Still, I do hope people will be understanding if I'm not at 100% for a while.  Because honestly, I won't be.


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TS said...

Oh believe me Cie I understand!

My mom passed away 4 days before Christmas 3 years ago. I, to this day am still not sure what I did for the first year afterwards, it's all kind of a blur.

Take your time, recover as best you can, we'll be here for you when you come up for air.