Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life is what it is

I am sitting here pondering life, the universe and everything.

Life can be wonderful.
It can also be a pain in the patootie.
Sometimes it's both.

I got to sleep in my own bed last night after a week of sleeping in the living room on whatever surface seemed most comfortable.  You see, the big pecan tree in the back yard died in last year's drought and suddenly began shedding branches that were approximately 9-12 inches in diameter (some bigger) in the yard and then tilting in the direction of the yard and house at an angle whose trajectory included my bedroom.

If that tree had fallen it would've squished me flat.

Needless to say, sleeping in the bed wasn't an option.  Getting the tree down was a priority.  But these things take time, money, and are always more trouble than you think they're going to be.  But it is gone.  Chopped down, hauled away, and there is this huge blank spot in the middle of the back yard.  BUT I CAN SLEEP IN MY BED and did.  For hours LOTS of glorious hours.

And I broke my glasses.  They got soldered together by the jeweler this morning, but I've been wearing the spares for about two weeks and not seeing as well.  Very annoying.

The driver's side door handle on my truck broke completely.  I now have to leave the window down and open it with the handle inside, or crawl across the seat to open it around the gear shift knob.  The truck is a 1995.  It is not that easy to get parts.  Of course it has now started raining after months of completely dry weather.  I am glad for the rain, but the truck handle seems to have had impeccable timing.

I think that my house may have gotten hit by lightning in last night's storm.  I am not certain, but various items that were plugged in are acting quite odd.  My cell phone that was on the charger is beeping and flashing at odd intervals for no apparent reason.  The breadmaker (yes, the breadmaker I was so ecstatic to have actually GOTTEN that worked and has provided much loved home made bread) is dead.  I am terrified of going into the office for fear that the new computer (that has my manuscript and all of my notes, and yes I KNOW I should have backed up more often, but I got busy and didn't OKAY.  MY Bad.  Got it) may be affected.

I am writing this at the office, because I was switching out the art work on my desk before heading out to buy a lottery ticket.

Now I am signing off to go buy the ticket, go home, and find out if I have a working computer and available book.  Wish me well.


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