Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charity/Trying to Help/Oh CRAP WHAT HAVE I DONE!

Okay, I am quite moved by the Sandy disaster.

So I tried to do something nice.  I contacted a few of my author friends and suggested that we each contact our fan base and have a contest where they donate to charity and we provide one winner with a prize.

WELL IT MORPHED.  It GREW.  And it become something bigger and HOPEFULLY much better.

There is going to be an e-bay auction with proceeds going to charity (The Red Cross and an animal rescue charity that has been active in the disaster).

MAJOR AUTHORS have contributed and are being hugely nice.  EVERYBODY is being hugely nice.  But I'm trying to organize this thing that I've never done before and have a big bad case of the OH SHIT WHAT'VE I DONE?S.

I will get this done.  I will get through this.  A friend's assistant has offered to help.  It will be fine.  BUT OH SHIT WHAT'VE I DONE?!

I have autographed books from some NYT bestsellers I'm going to donate (so that they can participate if they're on the road and can't be reached in time).  Other NYT bestsellers are putting together baskets and signing books.  There will be items signed by (in no particular order):

Cat Adams and C.T. Adams (DUH)
Shannon Butcher
Jim Butcher
Jade Lee
Kathy Lyons
Linnea Sinclair
Brenda Novak
Rachel Caine
Carole Nelson Douglas
Deeanne Gist

And probably more.  Some people haven't had a chance to get back to me.

In other words.  It's gotten huge.  Which is exciting, and terrifying if I screw it up.

So I won't.  I just WONT.

So there.


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