Tuesday, January 20, 2015



There's actually a Wiki page for Cat Adams.  Not C.T. Adams (bummer) but HEY one of my aliases is on Wiki.  How cool is that?

Got the cover flats for THE EXILE and they are FREAKING GORGEOUS.  WOOT!  It looks even better full size.  This, of course means, that I will have them available for giveaways when I send out the next newsletter on 2/1.

When I was in Denver in December I went to the big Barnes & Noble downtown and was treated spectacularly well when I offered to sign stock.  They were sweet, efficient, and flattering.  Too, there was STOCK of my books to sign.  This is a good thing and it made me feel very good about myself and my craft.

Recently I went to a smaller city in a different state and offered to sign stock.  They were not particularly helpful and stopped just a bit short of rude. If it hadn't been for the great experience in the city I would've been pretty low about it--particularly since I'd been questioning whether or not I'm still "relevant" and have fans.

But I'm beginning to think, based on things like responses to my newsletter contests, the Wiki page, the fact that B&N in a major city had multiple copies of my books on the shelves (and some faced out), that perhaps the bad experiences (and there have been more than one) are an aberration, or perhaps a localized phenomenon.

Either way, I'm going to keep going.  But if you have a wild desire to encourage me, feel free.


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Anonymous said...

Are you still relevant? Heck YES, you're still relevant. You are an amazing writer, and we who love your work can't wait for the next book to come out. In fact, I had to re-read the first Sazi book tonight out of desperation for a good novel. Please don't be disheartened.