Saturday, January 07, 2017

Updated the Website

Updated the website.  Have been working hard on the next Celia Graves book which I have (but the publisher hasn't so this is terribly tentative) titled DAMNED IF YOU DO.

Celia has just met an angel.  Okay, she's seen them--when her sister and someone else were welcomed into heaven.  But she's never had one actually come down to her with a message before.  And the message is . . . somewhat alarming. 

It's been a lot of fun writing this so far.  I'm a little nervous about it, but, to quote THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN:  "So far, so good."

I've also been creating covers for the mini-mysteries that are coming out next year--novellas I will e-pub for $.99 each with one coming out per quarter and an omnibus at the end of the year. 

Here are the covers thus far:

The cover designs are mine.  The photo credits are:

Roses:  C.T. Adams, copyright 2015.

Still Life for Cie:  Donald Clamp, copyright 2012.

Gun Barrel:  James D. Flanders, Feral Hippie Photography, copyright 2016 from painting by C.T. Adams.

Progress, as it were, is being made.  :)

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