Friday, January 06, 2006


Hi guys. Welcome to the weekend (almost).

First, an observation. A lot of folks are annoyed because US stamps are going up two cents. Well, I'm kind of in favor of it. (What, in favor of spending MORE money? HUNH?) Well, it's been a few years since they raised the rates (3 or 4). How much have gas prices gone up in those years? How many vehicles do they have on the road? I'm amazed it hasn't gone up sooner and more! I mean, I know how bad inflation's affected MY life, and I only have one car. And I assume their employees occasionally want a raise and stuff...

I want the weekend to be here already. I'm SOOOOOO not motivated to be in the law office. I finally started making progress on the book, and darn it, now I have to be HERE?

Oh well. Need to make the best of it and work hard. So adios mi amigos.

OK -- Took a quizilla (AGAIN)

What vampire archetype am I?
Lone Wolf
You are the Lone Wolf. Dark, silent, mysterious you
stalk the hidden corners of the night. You
avoid the living and the undead, preferring the
high roofs of the city and the low tunnels of
the streets.

What Fictional Vampire Archtype are You?
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Y said...

Cie -- how appropriate! You always get results with a wolf, huh? Cool.

Have a GREAT writing WEEKEND!


AE Rought said...

I was the Bloody Siren! Heeeee Something about luring men to their deaths... Who? ME???

I held my first live chat tonight, it went pretty well except for getting bumped off yahoo. An e-publisher showed interest in two of my short stories, too. Yay!

And, Cie, I really appreciate you taking the time to pop over to my lj. Thank you.

C. T. Adams said...

AE -- Congrats on the interest! Good luck with the e-publishers. Some of them do really terrific work!

Hmnnn... the Siren and the Dark Mother... maybe I'd better be careful of you to. LOL