Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bon Giorno

Hi Guys! Cie here.

OK, yesterday was a fantastic day! Whoo hoo, gotta love it kind of day. Today, not so much. Oh well. Still grateful for yesterday.

I'm about to launch into a mini-not-quite-rant. (I know, very weird).

I like what I write. If I didn't, I wouldn't write it. (DUH). I don't think I should have to "defend" it. But I live in a part of the country (the bible belt) where people either love it (but won't admit it) or tell me (in a well meaning way) how much they wish I'd write for "our side," i.e. inspirationals.

OK for the record, I'm a relatively good little Catholic girl. I still have the guilt from when I wore the cute blue and green plaid, pleated uniform with a starched white blouse and Peter Pan collar. (I also still have the VERY vivid memory from when I accidentally stumbled into a gay bar where a transvestite hooker was working the bar in the same uniform... but I digress). I don't think I'm WRITING FOR THE ENEMY. It's IMAGINATION for heaven's sake. There are good guys, there are bad guys. There are points being made (hopefully with relative subtlety) about open mindedness and tolerance... Anyway, it's weird. I ABSOLUTELY believe what I write has worth, but I feel so incredibly attacked and defensive. Very weird.

Ah well, I have to go back to work. But I had to mention that because it's really been bugging me. So have the comments about "But you look so normal."

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