Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Morning


We ran into our editor at RT. Bless her heart, she gave us an extra two weeks. I really needed it because I was rushing too much and in a panic because I couldn't afford to take that time off to go to the conference. So now we're back and I'm pushing hard to polish it up to the point where I can give it to Cathy. Since I figured out part of what was bothering me on the trip, I am adding those sections.

I want this to be a great, fun, read. As always, I'm terrified that I'm blowing it irretrievably. I don't ever want to get too cocky, but a little confidence might be a nice thing. SIGH.

Anyway, back to work. Hope you guys missed me. :)


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with finishing up your writing project! So glad you had fun at RT, where is the next one going to be at?