Saturday, July 08, 2006

Guten Morgen Fraus, Frauleins and Hommes

Okay, maybe I got that wrong, but you get the idea.

What do you want? If you could have pretty much anything you wanted, what would you want? Money? Fame? The world's greatest courtesan (or giggolo) in your bed? Now I'm talking personal here. Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men is a really great idea, and totally selfless. I admire you for bringing it up. BUT we're talking personal gratification. So leave the squishies for next time and go for the GUSTO.

I want --

To lead a mostly quiet life with plenty of money to get me out of debt and pay for everything I need and most of what I want.

I want my son, my friends and family to be healthy, happy and prosperous. (What, you say that isn't selfish? You are SOOOOOO wrong. I mean, how can I enjoy my prosperity if everybody else is resenting the hell out of it. Nope. Totally selfish. I want them content and happy so they leave me be. RIGHT. You believe that. Of COURSE you do.)

If I have any enemies (and I hope I won't but, let's get real. It's me.) I wish them all the happiness in the world -- somewhere ELSE. It can even be somewhere NICE. Not selfish? WRONG AGAIN! If they are utterly happy they'll be too preoccupied with their pina coladas and bikini clad bimbos (or thong clad bimbas, this is an equal opportunity blog) to harrass me.

To be a financially successful, multi-published, award winning, best-selling author of book-length fiction.

Oh, and just occasionally, I wouldn't mind a thong clad bimba to provide distraction -- in the name of research for those obligatory steamy scenes. (RESEARCH. I SAID IT'S FOR RESEARCH. GEEZ, you guys are SOOOOOO cynical.)

Your turn. What do you want?


Anonymous said...

Ten million dollars, a trip to the bahamas and a good looking girl to take with me.
Actually, while the cliche does sound pretty good, I'm pretty sure that if you handed me ten million dollars, I could buy my own trip, and there has to be at LEAST one money-hungry, gorgeous, and fairly shallow bimbo. The fling is for fun; I'll find true love when I get back.
Yeah, go ahead and laugh, it's okay. True love, I want it and I think you should, too. The world would be a little less cranky with more of it running around.
Speaking of the world, I DO want world peace. See, I was raised Catholic; if I am rich, happy, and in love, but the rest of the world is going to hell (with or without handbasket, your choice), I will be suffering far too much guilt to enjoy anything.
Anyways, just figured I write a novel, sorry I bored you (sorry for hogging space, ma).


C. T. Adams said...

Hi Hon: I'm not laughing. True love is WORTH wanting. So is peace on earth. So there!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Cie! Interesting post.

What do I want? Well, I agree with both you and James (Hi James!) about true love. It certainly is worth wanting and definitely worth waiting for... I know because I have it with my husband. It was totally different with him from the beginning - no games, no pretense, just brutal honesty and commitment...

Anyway, what do I personally want from life? Well, I want to live a comfy, quiet life with my gorgeous husband and little girl. I want to be able to live comfortably as far as monetary gain goes, and want to enjoy my daugher growing up. I also want to spend as much time as I can with the hubby, just being together.

On a personal, personal note - I want to become a published writer.

No fame, no multi-million dollar contracts -- just want to share my stories with others in the novel market! :)

Monica Burns said...

What do I want? Well since I believe I'm already in the process of having it, I'll just state that there will be enough money to pay off my HUGE debt, buy a bigger house, pay college tuition and take that trip to London and Disney World. Doesn't get any better than that.

World Peace would be nice, but it's completely unrealistic given the fact that most people don't realize that by giving power away you get more back.

I guess if there was one thing I could really wish for that was completely IMPOSSIBLE it would be to spend one hour in the company of every individual I'd ever admired from a distance and have them ADMIRE me! The list would begin with Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Beethoveen, Strauss the Younger, Johnny Depp, Cirian Hinds, Gerard Butler, Patrick Stewart, and the GODDESS herself, Barbara Streisand. Of course I would have to write a book about it and that would be one hellava story! LOL

Shawn said...

All I would want is time to write. Or at least more time to write. I think that would mean retiring early which I do plan on doing. Keyword plan. I think as long as I'm happy with my writing everything else will fall into place.

It's sad I didn't say true love, I didn't even think about until I read your comments. And I'm a romance writer, so it's pretty sad that wasn't the first thing that came to my mind. :D