Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry it's been a while.

Hi Guys! Sorry it's been a while, but I've been in the kind of mood that is best not shared. I've pulled back from pretty much everything and everybody. You REALLY didn't want to hear anything I had to say. Let it suffice to say that I ran head first into corporate America and came away bloodied and crazed. I will be dealing with the aftershocks for months most likely.

On a different and (bound to be) happier note, I am writing. I have set aside the mysteries for a bit. (Sorry Mom) and am working on the Sazi story we are contracted for. This one is going to be about Aspen Monier (the seer afflicted with both foresight and hindsight) and a former Wolven Agent who everyone believed was dead (he staged his death with the help of Lucas because of serious burnout). It is coming along nicely. I had run into a snag (usually happens at the beginning of the book) in the plot, but I think I've found my solution. See, I had my characters down cold, I had the romance figured out, I had the points I wanted to make emotionally (what's driving the characters). But the plot wasn't working. Now I've added a couple of characters and it's actually making sense. YAHOOO! I love it when it starts coming together. The writing goes so much faster. Instead of getting maybe a thousand words out, you get these huge heaping chunks of writing done and it WORKS. I love that.

ANYWAY, I have to go, writing to do, things to accomplish. Hope you haven't all stopped coming by, but I wouldn't blame you if you did.

Have a great day!



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

Why would we stop coming by? :)

Sorry to hear about your rough patch. I hope everything's alright, but if you need someone to chat to, you have my email addy.

Sounds great that you're into a new book. Interesting too, can't wait to check it out.

Okay, have FUN with the writing and I'll chat to you later!

Monica Burns said...

Ok hon, I'll show you my battle scars if you show me yours. :) I understand frustration. But I'm glad the writing is back on track. I'm still struggling, but I've got a new idea that think might just fly well. We'll see. Are you not in Atlanta?? If you are, hope to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cie!

Hi Yolanda!

Cie, sorry to hear about the issue with corporate America you briefly mentioned, hope that it works out o.k.