Saturday, August 19, 2006

Headed Out

OK, I'm headed out to visit my folks in Illinois Monday. I'm excited because I haven't seen them in a while and miss them. James is going to take care of the animals for me. (Thank you darlin!) I'm taking the train because it stops right in my hometown, not far from my folks house. That means no renting a car and driving either down from Chicago or up from St. Louis.

Of course this also means I've got a @*#$ load to do before I can go, and I'm so drained from the heat I don't wanna. Ah well. Definitely worth it. Cathy finished the draft of the book she was working on, so I'll edit that on the trip.

I've been really stressed out. One way I can tell, my memory is going. UGH. Of course part of that is that I haven't been able to fill the new Rx. When the thyroid's low I have trouble with memory and concentration. That's always frustrating. Oh well, I'll just have to write notes for a while. (The pharmacist couldn't read the Rx, the doctor was out of the office, and I'll be out of town before they can talk on the phone.)

Anyway, if I'm not around for a while, at least pretend to miss me. :)

Oh, and I'm still debating whether or not to joint RWA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE RWA Online, but the main RWA National.... well, there's all this political stuff that keeps raging that I just am not dispositionally suited to dealing with. The group seems almost split in half between conservatives and liberals. Which means pitched battles over things like romantica/erotica (is it or is it not romance) and defining romance as one man falling in love with one woman and having a happily ever after ending. (As opposed to gays, lesbians, and/or groups.)

Totally off subject -- I didn't always watch Frasier on television, but I saw one that just cracked me up. Niles, the up-tight brother, was explaining that he NEEDED for them to go out for their usual drink because of a misprint on his ad. Instead of printing "Jung" Psychiatrist they put "Hung." Wouldn't have been so bad except for the rest of the ad: Hung Psychiatrist -- Individuals, Couples, Groups. Frasier said, "Surely the people who called knew..., I mean..." The response was. "You have no idea." I laughed so hard!

OK, off to clean house, pack, and finish all the critical stuff! TOODLES! Be good while I'm gone.



Monica Burns said...

First hugs on the frustration. I'm right there with you hon.

Second, screw the damn house, dirty dishes and laundry. If your family is of ages 12 and up, let them take care of themselves and start taking responsibility. Don't say you will, just DO IT! I've read your son's posts on here, and he sounds like a great kid. I'm betting he's helping out, but that you're thinking the house should be spit spot. FORGET it! Whoever said cleanliness is next to Godliness meant that we keep our bodies clean, especially our hearts. NOT the bloody house.

I'm sorry about the pets too, but this too shall pass.

As for those jerks who send you those inspy emails with the threats at the bottom, or the stupid emails that say we need to hate those who hate us all in the name of Christiandom...well, screw 'em. Send the email back to the sender and politely state, that while God has already informed you that you're not going to hell, he's confided in you that they, on the other hand, are skating on thin ice with him since they're using his name to spread hate in his name. I get those and I usually delete them, but recently a good friend asked me to sign an amnesty petition to toss everyone out that Gordon Liddy had going. I responded with..."wasn't GL that guy in Watergate who was convicted, a known felon?"

My friend replied, well yes, but he was simply doing what he was ordered to do. Now my friend who is usually quite logical and believes in people taking responsibility for their actions. I immediately responded with..."ummm, did he not know it was wrong to break the law? And if he knew that, why would he break the law except to keep his job?" He had a frigging choice to do the right thing. He made a bad choice. He wound up in prison. I don't trust people who make bad choices of THAT magnitude and use their notoriety to gain fame and fortune.

He couldn't respond to it, so the moral is, you won't be able to change narrow minds that want nothing more than to impose their own thinking on others. They're not worth your trouble. Either make their emails bounce back, politely ask them to stop sending those "lovely" emails cuz your inbox is cluttered enough (leaving of the ...with stupid crap from stupid people like you) or just press the delete key when you see their name.

I thoroughly understand your anger and frustration. I don't push my views on others sending out new age stuff or Christian stuff or political stuff, why do others think I care about their opinions.

Ok, I managed to make this a soap box, but I just wanted you to know that others feel the same way you do. I'm betting there are a lot of us actually.

Big Warm Hugs

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

Shawn said...

Hey Cie! Have a wonderful and safe trip! I love train rides! And thanks for the snippet from Fraiser! I missed that episode!