Monday, August 20, 2007

Clearing Some Confusion

OK, I re-read yesterday's post and would like to clarify something. Heather Osborn ROCKS. She is the editor that replaced Anna Genoese at Tor. We are looking forward to working with her. BUT based on logistics (she's new, she hasn't had a chance to read our entire backlist what with getting broken in and all) we are having Anna freelance edit the Sazi and Thrall books while Heather will be doing the stand alone and future stuff. (Assuming, of course, they WANT future stuff. I mean, Lord knows we HOPE so. . .) ANYWAY, no slight was meant to her. Heather is our esteemed editor as well. We work fast enough that there is plenty to go around.

NEXT -- we discovered that someone had pirated our stuff and posted it whole on a website. (SHAME on you!) Now folks, I know that books aren't cheap -- especially if you're a reading junkie like yours truly who goes through a lot of them. But PLEASE, that's what the library is for. That's what borrowing from your buddy with a promise that you REALLY REALLY REALLY will give it back undamaged is for. Or, if you're a little more flush, what used bookstores are for. Pirating is not only illegal, it's mean to your favorite authors. It steals the profit right out from under the book. This means that not only do we not get paid (bad enough) but that there is no sales record with the publisher, which lowers the books profit which may impact whether and how much they're willing to risk another book by that author. Please please PRETTY PLEASE don't participate in this.

At least we were in good company. Really, the biggest names in the business were up there. I suppose I'm flattered.

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Darla said...

So glad to hear about Touch Of Darkness...Woo Hoo! I so can't wait for this book to come out!

I'll be looking forward to hearing about the new project...SOON, I hope! Good luck with the web site!

You know I really hate it when someone goes and does crap like that! I'm lucky enough to be able to buy most all my books new, mostly because I'm such an obsessed reader, I have to have it the day it comes out! I worked at Hastings for a bit and they offer you a free book a month, but you have to tear the cover off, I could never do that...just can't stand to tear up books!

To the pirates...may you be caught, sooner then later!

Have a great day, I look forward to seeing the new web design!