Thursday, August 23, 2007


OK, it's early morning and I'm feeling. . . odd. I had a very important nightmare last night.


Yeah, important. You see, nightmares for me generally pretty directly address my life and my future with just terrible wicked symbolism. Also, from Biblical times and beyond nightmares and dreams have been among the way God nudges his people. So I take some of them pretty serious. Not all. But you can usually tell the ones that are just indigestion from the ones that have meaning in real life (if you can just unravel the symbolism).

I realize that probably makes me sound like a lunatic. But there you go.

SO, I'm trying to unravel the symbolism and NOT forget the details this morning. Thus far, I'm making slow progress on it. I do know that some of what I've uncovered isn't exactly flattering. It shows my faults in all their hideous glory. Oooh baby. Just what I wanted to look at. (NOT. But then again, I probably should. I am TRYING to fix the suckers.)

Maybe I'll go look on a dream site and see if any of the symbolism they talk about helps.


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Darla said...

Good Luck with it! Anymore I don't remember mine long enough to know if its indigestion or nudge.