Saturday, July 05, 2008


First, happy holiday.

Second. UGH! I'm POOPED. Good pooped, but pooped nonetheless. I cleaned the limbs out of the back yard (a friend stopped by with a chain saw to cut up the major portion of my neighbor's dead tree that blew down into my yard -- THE DAY AFTER I'D CLEANED OUT ALL MY DEAD BRANCHES DARN IT! ANYWAY, thank you DON!!!). I went to drop things off at the dump. It's closed. RATS. I mean, yes, I knew it was closed yesterday for the holiday. But today too? RATS.

ANYWAY, moving right along.

I'm getting ready to relocate. I'm trying to get the writing wrapped up before I do, because moving will mess with my mind and my schedule. I have nine million things to do and I'm SO far behind. UGH!

Good news -- there was a kitten that was born under the building next to where I work. The mother either got captured or died. The rest of the litter didn't make it for various reasons. But I managed to get this one eating (he was a little young not to be nursing) and we managed to catch him, and I found him a good home. YIPPEE. Yowsa but he's tiny and a little scrawny. But FEISTY! Anyway, I've checked back with his new family and he's doing fine. Happy, affectionate, and gaining weight. BIG HAPPY.

Lucky the Wonder Dog is on a diet and exercise plan. She is not amused. I don't blame her.

Still haven't figured out where the stray cat from the front porch dropped her kittens. (I was hoping to find them and get her, and them, a good home. She wants to be mine, but I'm rather over-catted. I want what's best for everybody, and my adopting another wouldn't be it.

Books are going well. Slowly, but well.

Work is going well. Not slowly at all, but well. I'm kind of in a panic because I'm running out of time if I relocate as soon as I want to.

ANYWAY, everybody keep me in your prayers, whatever your religion. (I'm a Catholic Christian myself). I can use all the help I can get.

Best always.


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