Sunday, July 13, 2008


OK things are moving apace. A FAST pace. The past six months have gone by in a blur.

Wonderful things are about to happen in regard to the writing career. I'm excited about that. I'm also excited because I'm on my way up to Denver to visit the kiddo and house and job hunt. Although I'm hoping the job thing may be on an inside track. I hope. Maybe.

ANYWAY. I've got to get to work. I'm putting in extra hours so that I won't be quite so far behind when I get back. Because then I have book deadlines and the move.

OH, BTW -- Touch of Darkness -- the last Thrall/Kate Reilly book is due to hit the stands at the end of this month. It's the most romantic of that series, but it still kicks butt -- even if I do say so myself.

Gotta go.



Tina said...

Good luck with house hunting and moving I know its no fun. My husband got me hooked on the Sazi books and he was right once I started the first one I couldnt put them down. Unfortunatly he has all the Thrall books with him ( hes military so I cant get them from him ) but I cant wait to start on them as soon as he gets home. I hope Timeless Moon will not be the last book of the Sazi, I really love them. Have fun moving but dont forget to write my husband and me some really good books ;)

Anonymous said...

I really love you're Thrall books (which is odd for me sicne I don't usually like that sort of hive/symbiote story) They're fantastic.
Will you continue to write in the Thrall - world after Touch of Darkness? I hope so!! :) Even thouh this is the last story about Reilly, there's still so much you could add to the other stories. in any case. Thanks :)