Monday, November 24, 2008

Down in the dumps.

I'm down in the dumps. No real reason for it. Just am.

This weekend was cool. Saturday was my birthday. There are folks that don't celebrate getting older at my age. I'm not one of them. I had a very close call (actually, SOME very close calls) when I was young, so I actually CELEBRATE the fact that WHOO HOO! I MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR!!! WOOT!!

In fact, I offended a few people last year when I said -- "Holy crap, I'm (INSERT AGE HERE). I may actually survive long enough to get old. I should probably think about retirement." The people I was talking to were very offended, because apparently you're not supposed to think that you might not get old. But, I looked at my track record and I mean, come ON:
1) Struck by lightning
2) Pneumonia multiple times (we're talking double digits folks);
3) Bronchitis literally more times than I can count;
4) Removal of one necrotic kidney;
5) Thyroid problems;
6) A pituitary adenoma;
7) A couple of car wrecks and close calls;
8) Bit by a black widow spider.

I mean, would YOU think I'd get old? Really? Boy are you the optimist. But apparently you're right. So WOOT!

SO, this year I got the big mailing from . . . AARP! ALL RIGHT!!

Now so many people I know would be going -- "Oh No, I'm OOOOOOOOOLD."

My first reaction?

HOT DAMN! COOL BEANS -- DO you think they have health insurance? Do I have to prequalify!

Okay, so now, oddly, I'm feeling better.

Keep rooting for me to get employment and make it back to Denver. I wanna go home.

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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Happy 'late' birthday, Cie! :D