Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial

Good morning, I've got a ton to do. But I've promised myself I'll be better about stuff like posting the serial. So, here I go.


Ryan left that night. Things were tense the first few days, wondering when he'd come back. But when days stretched into weeks, the tension eased and things slowly began to improve.

Carrie got a job waiting tables at the local bar. It wasn't a lot of money. But it was steady, and it was enough. The sheets that had been hung over the windows with tacks were replaced with curtains---cheap, but cheerful and pretty. Ramen noodles gave way to Hamburger Helper and vegetables.

After some discussion the girls decided to chip in and get basic cable with internet. Now it was my turn to shine. I made sure both girls got plenty of coupons in their e-mail boxes, but screened the spam and scams. When Jen began writing seriously I surreptitiously collected writing contests for her inbox, screening out the ones that weren't reputable, and flat out failing to post the ads and solicitations by folks listed on sites like Writing Predators, and Predators and Editors. Her word processing program had a red button marked "ED" at the top that I'd installed. She thought it was a standard editing feature for the software installed on the machine. It wasn't. But I wasn't going to tell her different. She'd hit ED and I'd make editorial comments and suggestions. Both girls began calling me "Ed." It pleased me to no end. I'd never had a name before.

She worked hard and her writing, and her life, began to steadily improve. So it was no surprise to me when after about six months she placed in a short story contest and won a little money. The girls celebrated with steak and a bottle of wine, toasting each other, me, the future. It was a spectacular night, the best of my life.

I should've known it was too good to last.


Tammy said...

Don't forget to take time for yourself!

While we love the seriel (spoiling us you is), we do understand when you don't post.

The weather here finally broke some and I'm finally enjoying a humidty free and cooler day, hope you are as well.

Dolly said...

Tammy's right Cie. We love hearing from you but, take care of you first. The only time I worry is when it's been 4 or more days, without a post. I fear you are ill of something. So a quick, "I'm ok, I'm alive", will suffice.

Thanks for spoiling us!!