Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ok, um, wow.

All right, this is a catchup post, and then I'll write something off of the top of my head for Saturday breakfast. Since I have absolutely no clue whatsoever, it could be interesting. Or dull as dishwater.

First -- my computer is now heading toward retirement. It's been limping along for a while, but the last windows update has finally done it in. Windows now takes ALL of my memory on the C drive so that I can't run anything. Of course the timing sucketh. But doesn't it always? I mean, for a writer there is never a good time to have computer problems. But, there you go. I will keep you advised. Unfortunately, this has put me behind on EVERYTHING because the day job has heated up, so I can't do my personal things during the day, and I can't do things at night, which translates to nothing getting done.

Second -- my plumbing is giving me fits. So I am waiting for a decent hour to call the landlady to get the plumber in. NOT the way I had envisioned spending my Saturday, but again, there you go.

Third -- I MAY HAVE FOUND MY HOUSE. As y'all know, I've been trying to move back to Colorado for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. And between one thing and another it just hasn't worked out. BUT, I think I may have found a house I can love AND afford. I will be going to look at it next week and will keep you advised. WOOOO HOOO!

Fourth -- still haven't adjusted to the meds. Sleeping a LOT. Of course, part of that could be the heat. The body does not love the triple digits. It just doesn't.


"There once was a girl from Nantucket . . ."

"Stop. Stop right there. Whatever you're about to say, just don't." I raised my hands to ward off what was most likely going to be an obscene limerick. I mean, really Nantucket? It just BEGS for a certain rhyme.

"Aw come on Nan, you said you needed a good laugh." Kevin gave me puppydog eyes. He's good at it. He's got the biggest, chocolate brown eyes you've ever seen, with lashes that most women would kill for. Of course he knows it, and uses it to his advantage every chance he gets. He's not a player, or an ass, but a flirt? Oh hell yes. He has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get into my pants for most all of the two years I've known him. I don't think he's really that interested in me personally. If it was, I might take him up on it. But it's the challenge that interests him. So I won't. "What's the matter anyway? You haven't been yourself for a couple of weeks." He leaned up against the counter, his uniform vest falling open to give me a good look at a very nice polo shirt worn over an even nicer chest.

What was the matter with me? Other than a bout of serious sexual frustration, the usual lack of money, and an ongoing argument with my soon-to-be-former-if-she-didn't-pay-up roommate? I was bored. Stupid, I know. I mean, yeah, my job isn't great. But it's a job. In this economy I'm glad to have it. Terry, the guy I've been dating off-and-on, is nice enough. A bit dull, predictable. No. No, dependable. I need to start thinking positive. I can absolutely depend on Terry to . . . be dull as dishwater.

Oh, hell!

I turned to Kevin. Looking him straight in those big brown eyes I told him the absolute truth. "I'm bored. Every day of my life is just like every other day. Just once I'd like a little adventure, some excitement."

Be careful what you ask for.

Sometimes you get it.

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Tammy said...

LOL, the story made me think of the CHinese saying - "May you livein interesting times." Can't wait to see what you do next with it.

Sorry to hear about the comp - I HATE when mine does that, I'm actually using my sister's laptop now becuase mine did the same thing with the last windows update.

LOL, is there such a thing as a good time to call landlady/landlord for plumbing trouble?


At least your body is getting the rest it needs, sorry about the temps though, it finally cooled down (lower humidity too) to 80's around here.