Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy BELATED Thanksgiving & More

Guten Morgen folks:


I'm sorry I didn't get to say that to you earlier, but I was on a last-minute trip to Denver for Thanksgiving with my son and a big job interview.

It was one of those trips.

You know how when things happen at the last minute they tend to have little glitches? (At least they do for me.) Well, boy did I get glitched. Left and right, front and back, fore and aft. Glitched, glitched, glitched. But because of the help of many people (some of whom I have no names for) things worked out fine. So, let me take a moment for a little belated Thanksgiving:

Thanks to the airline folks who caught the mechanical trouble and got our planes changed out. Thanks to the airport folks who got me a different connecting flight after my first flight was delayed due to mechanical difficulties. Thanks to the airport folks who found my lost luggage and got it to me before my interview. Thanks to the vet for taking care of my sick cat, and to his staff for putting up with my MANY MANY calls to see how he was doing. BIG MUCHO THANKS to Cathy for house and pet sitting. BIG MUCHO THANKS to Tonya for taking care of Lucky the Wonder Dog. BIGGER EVEN MORE MUCHO THANKS to Cathy for coming in for the save when my laptop was damaged and I had to call her and have her do rescue information research for me on the fly long distance. BIG MUCHO THANKS to the receptionist and the lovely woman from the Personnel Department at the Greeley Public Schools for their kindness, consideration, and timely intervention. Thanks to my boss in Brady for letting me take the time off. And of course, thanks to my son, for letting me stay with him and providing me with a true Thanksgiving Feast. I love you kiddo.

Whew. I probably missed somebody. But that gives you a clue as to the kind of wild nuttiness that went on.

BUT the keys to what success I have had in this life have mostly been: persistence, hard work, persistence, flexibility, oh, and did I mention . . . PERSISTENCE. So it worked out. I would like to think the interview went well. I'm terribly nervous in interviews, and I never really KNOW how I do. But I'm going to try to think positive.

In the meantime. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Be happy and take care. I plan to.



Tammy said...

Guten tag fraulein :grin: its been so many years the spelling may be wrong.

Sounds like you had an eventful holiday. Good luck on the interview.

Dolly said...

I would have to recover from those glitches for weeks. Good for you and the wonderful people who helped.

Best of luck!!!