Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to a New Year

Welcome to a new year.

Whether I'll be better about posting is anyone's guess. But I've been pondering, and have decided to make some serious changes that I may decide to try to keep track of here (in favor of personal accountability.) Or not. Part of me is a private person. Another part is less so, and willing to post all for all.

I am waiting to hear about several jobs in Colorado. If I hear, then things will move forward on the move. If I do not hear by the end of the week I am going to commit to staying in Texas 1 more year and giving it everything I've got to save money and get the things done to make the move more possible. (I.e., saving more money, writing more, etc.)

I am actually surprisingly okay with this. I have put real effort into making the move happen, and was to the point of desperation and making myself (and people around me) miserable. It hasn't worked. SO I am now going to try a more positive approach. No, I am not thrilled that it looks like it's going to take another year. No, I am NOT thrilled about all the people (well meaning and not) who will give me a hard time about that. But I promise not to strangle the little old lady who goes "Ho ho ho, guess you're stuck here forever. Better get used to it." (Although I have to admit, the last time it was a thought that had to be beat down with a mental club. Like most folks, I really don't enjoy getting laughed at. Go figure.)

I am also back on track working on the whole exercise and eating better thing. We'll see how long it lasts. But I'm going to keep track of that too.

SO, I'm keeping track of writing, fitness, and move prep. The goal is to do at least one small thing every day. Your mission (should you decide to accept it, and no, this isn't going to self-destruct in 10 seconds.) is to counteract all of the negativity and naysaying by giving me lots of positive input.

Now I am off to do said exercising AND to write.

Best to all of you. Wishing you a glorious new year.

OH, and I am going to quote Neil Gaiman's benediction for a new year because he said it better than I would (but then he usually does---which is also okay because he shares and I love reading it.)

Oh hell. I guess I'm not going to since the blasted thing won't cut and paste. LOL. But to paraphrase. He (and I, separately because of course I haven't met him) wish you magic and happiness, to be kissed by someone who thinks you're wonderful (and whom you hopefully think is wonderful as well) that you create art from the heart of you and you have joy and that sometime in the year you surprise yourself.

There, not as poetically written (duh), but still a fine wish for a joyous new year.




Tammy S said...


((HUG)) I forgot who said it and I"m probably not phrasing it right as well, but by taking one day at a time, we can move mountains. In other words I'm sure you'll make it when you're supposed it.

C. T. Adams said...


Dolly said...

Count me in for any support you need on anything.
Hope and dreams keep life interesting.
As Tammy said, one day at a time