Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1 Chin Project

Okay, for those of you who don't know me personally, if you see a fairly recent picture of me (and believe me, I hope you don't) you will notice that I have had a round, puffy face and multiple chins. This is, in part, due to some medical things that have been going on: a pituitary tumor and hypothyroidism. This is not a big deal, the thyroid thing is actually pretty common and treatable (if tricky). The thing is, the pituitary and thyroid are real big in the whole metabolism thing, and they don't like to give you too much thyroid medicine because it can cause little things like, oh, heart problems.

But, I, personally, have noticed that if I weigh just a bit less, the thyroid meds I'm on work better. It doesn't even have to be a LOT less. Just a few pounds and suddenly I have energy, my hair isn't falling out, and my skin (particularly on my hands and scalp) stops splitting and bleeding (Yeah, it does that. It's that dry. No, lotions and creams don't do much for it. It sucks. And yes, it does hurt. And yes, total strangers come up to me to talk about it. At length.)

SO, right before Christmas (when I was feeling pretty awful) I started the 1 chin program. It is a program of my own design, meant to help me drop those few pounds and feel better. And get me more fit, AND DOWN TO 1 CHIN. Just an ordinary face. With cheekbones. Where my eyes look big.

I walk every other day and do "exercises" for muscle tone on the alternate days from the walking. On alternate days I will eat really well, including oatmeal for breakfast (which is good for your heart and cholesterol levels as well as helping to regulate your blood sugar), fruits and vegetables, low fat, all that happy crap.

On the opposite days of the oatmeal days, I eat what I want. Completely. No, I don't go overboard. But I don't deprive myself either. I like breakfast bowls. So I have one, etc.

After approximately 4 weeks I am down to 1.25 chins. The .25 is loose skin that if I look down becomes a chin. It is not completely gone yet. But it is going. Quickly. HOOYAH!

I have energy most of the time.
I'm sleeping better.


And because it's only every-other-day, I'm not feeling deprived at all.

This so rocks.

Now I know most of you really aren't interested. And I probably shouldn't be posting personal stuff anyway. BUT I'M FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

I would love to lose a lot of weight. That may or may not happen. But I'm feeling SOOOOOOOOO much better than I did before Christmas. And the meds are actually working at this dosage again. (And maybe there are doctors out there who will say it's a coincidence and body mass doesn't affect thyroid med dosage. Or not. I dunno. I just know my body, and it's working for me.)

So there you go. It takes time (which I don't have a lot of), and effort, but it is SOOOOO turning out to be worth it. And I will probably post about it once in a while.



Tammy S said...

That's fantastic news - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Take my word for it doctors don't know everything, and if YOU think it's working good, then it is!

C. T. Adams said...

It's just physically obvious what with the hair loss and the skin cracking and bleeding -- and then just NOT when I'm a bit smaller.

Shannon said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better...inside and out!

Thanks for the care package this holiday season!


Dolly said...

Wonderful news for you!! Hope you keep it up.
Tammy is so right, Docs don't give us enough credit to know what is going on in our own body.