Saturday, June 25, 2011

Migraines sucketh

Migraines sucketh. Yes, the pretty flashy lights and ribbons of bright colors are very pretty. Distracting, make it hard to see, and precursors of doom, but VERY PRETTY.

When I was young I got migraines once a month, punctual as clockwork.
Then for years I got them once in a very great while -- maybe two a year.
Now I'm getting them every three months or so. But when I get them they're not going away in 12 hours like they used to. I can usually head off the pain with meds, but the visual stuff and the mental weirdness don't succomb as easily. For a couple of days I have sort of a "shadow" of the migraine where things are just a little . . . odd and fragile. Light's too bright. Sounds are loud. And it's really hard to focus.

I'm HOPING that this is another thing linked to hormones and now that they're settling in to their new pattern the migraines will go back to being a rarity.



Dolly said...

You are so right. I never knew so many suffer from migraines and they can run in families. My brother, my son and I all get them. My hormones messed me up for a while but I'm down to once a month now which is were I started them in my 30s. For a while I was having them once a week. Thank goodness that is over with.
Hang in there, Cie.

Tammy S said...

((HUG)) My mom used to get them when she was younger, but thankfully they stopped when she got about 40 or so. I've never had them ::knock on wood::