Monday, July 11, 2011

Sewed this Weekend

Did some sewing this weekend. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I love making things. Sewing and knitting are some of the things I miss when I get "too busy" and don't take time for myself. I now have lovely curtains in the kitchen and the office. As an added bonus, I found the keys to the day job that have been missing for a couple of weeks . (From right about the time I bought the fabric for the curtains coincidentally enough. Can you guess where they were?)

Alas, it had been long enough since I'd sewn that the machine needs a new belt. Bits of rubber started flying across the room when I got it up to speed. Um, ooops.

On another blog I found something I can actually DO for the prizes for the posse. Now I will simply have to DO it.

Gotta go.


Tammy S said...

Congratulations on your sewing project!

LOL about the keys - my grandmother went to the local butcher one day and got a batch of stuff when she got home she put the stuff in the freezer. Wanna guess where she put her keys? *grin*

Dolly said...

I envy you. I cannot sew to save my life. I wonder if you can take a class in sewing? LOL!!
Great that you rediscovered it.