Saturday, July 30, 2011

movies, sewing, writing, Jim Butcher.

Hi Guys!

Okay, I've been keeping really busy. Work at the day job has been INSANE. I've been trying to relax by doing things like decorating and sewing. It's working. I have nice new curtains sewn in 3 rooms. I have re-painted the kitchen and part of the living room. And I'm generally feeling pretty good on the whole.

Did something stupid. Felt bad about it for a while. But the fact is, it was an accident, and everybody makes mistakes. Can't undo it. Just have to learn and move on. But sometimes that's harder than others.

Went to see Harry Potter today. Very good. They did a nice job on it. This time the 3d glasses didn't give me a huge headache which is nice. I almost just gave in and went to the 2d version, but the times were later and I wanted to get home in time to feed the critters. I want to get to bed early so I can get an early start on writing in the morning.

Writing is going well, but with work being insane and some other things going on, it's not going as fast as I'd like. But there you go. I'll keep plugging at it.

Read the newest Dresden novel by Jim Butcher. LOVE LOVE LOVE his work. Dresden more than Alera, but that's just me.

ANYWAY, it's a great addition, moves things forward. But be warned, it's more thoughtful, angsty and has a bit less "bounce" than some of the earlier books. Which makes perfect sense since Harry's had a lot of serious emotional fallout from Changes. Including, ahem, DYING. I liked it quite a lot, and have been going over the details (first read on his usually I'm racing through to see OHMIGODWHATHAPPENS NEXT?! and I have to go back for the details.) Anyway, I definitely recommend it.

Unless health crap comes up that I'm not in control of (I'm having some testing done, probably minor, so don't worry), I will be at FenCon in September. Hope to see you there.

Oh, and I've started making the bookmarks for the Posse. Which GREW HUGELY at the last "call to arms" in the newsletter, so it's taking a bit more time. Please be patient.

Best always.



Dolly said...

Cie, so glad to hear you upbeat and busy. And the good thing is you're taking time for yourself. Can't wait for your next blog.

Tammy S said...

*waves* Hi Cie. Glad to hear your taking time for yourself, it's important to decompress.

Haven't seen Harry Potter, but did just finish Ghost Story the other day. Oh sooooo good!