Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Morning

I started to say "Why are there no songs about Tuesday?" But then I remembered "Tuesday's Dead." So never mind. But there really are LOTS more songs about Monday, and Friday, and even Saturday night.

But it is Tuesday, and I am actually feeling fairly perky. Surprising since I was up early this morning. BUT the specialist was right. The new thyroid meds are working. I no longer feel like I've been hit by a truck most of the time. I'm even mostly clear-headed most of the time.


On the writing front, the book is actually going pretty well. I'm a bit frustrated but it's technical issues. The new computer needs to be upgraded if it's going to run the old software I like. (I hate most of the new word processing software. It (a) keeps trying to force me to format things the way I don't want to; (b) doesn't have as good of a vocabulary as I do (which is just freaking SAD. Excuse me, you've expanded the memory and you can't even put in an unabridged dictionary?) so that it keeps saying things are misspelled just because it doesn't know the word (oh and the suggestions for replace? Lovely. Just lovely. Hit the wrong button and an article about the Sazi will be about the Suzi. No, not just any Suzi "THE Suzi." Yes, I know it won't be in their dictionary. But I can add it. Or I SHOULD be able to anyway.); and doesn't let me turn off their controls. So I want to use old software. Which means I need to upgrade the new computer. Or use the old one. But wait. I can't. It CRASHED. Totally.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Not when I'm on deadline!

Except, reasonably, I am always on one deadline or another. Such is the life of a working author. And I wouldn't trade it. Because there's a lot of folks right now who aren't working, let alone working as authors, living their dreams, etc.

Ah well.

Bought myself a used laptop cheaply. I had given the previous one to my son, who is also the VP of my company and whose computer had "issues." So I now have a laptop to take on trips again. Yay. There are a lot of folks who would ask why used. See the previous paragraphs. I wanted it new enough to be light, have plenty of memory and speed, and old enough to run my old WP programs. I am a very low-end user for most tech. I use the internet. I e-mail. And I write books. Occasionally I'll splurge and run a DVD movie or TV show on the player.

That's it.

So used and cheap worked well for me.

Okay, have to go. I'm in the process of watering the trees. We are in a major drought down here. I refuse to water grass in a drought. The water is needed for animals and people. BUT trees take 100s of years to grow. So when it's really bad I do take time to water the trees. And frankly, they need it. They are so stressed that we're probably going to lose half of them.


Okay, gotta go. Bye. See you soon. Be happy and well.


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