Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes life just gets away from you.


Well, it's been an . . . interesting day.

Had some wonderful telephone conversations, but haven't gotten much done.

First, the laundry detergent I bought yesterday evidently had a leak. It drained out over the counter, onto the floor, and pretty much everywhere. I had to clean that up.

Okay, I'm dealing. I go out to feed the outdoor kitties (it's still dark) and encounter a family of skunks. Oh crap. Sprayage ensues (but misses me as I ducked quickly back behind the door. SO I now decide that maybe I should screen in the front porch for the kitties as skunks are not only nasty, they can easily be rabid. And while, yes, the outdoor kitties got their shots, STILL. So I measured and waited until later to call the lumber yard with measurements.

Then I come inside and start doing dishes and such, and find out that. OH CRAP. One whole side of one of the indoor cats is plastered to his skin and crunchy where he (you guessed it) laid in the spilled soap.

Now, is soap going to kill him? Probably not. But it sure as h*** isn't going to be good for him, and there's too much of it for him to clean himself with his tongue anyway. SO, I get to capture, and bathe a formerly feral feline who is the most skittish of my kitties.

OH freakin' JOY.

It was, shall we say, an ADVENTURE.

Then, of course, I had to clean up the destruction in what used to be my bathroom, put neosporin on various punctures, and try to calm and sooth an extremely distraught cat.

I go to the lumberyard to pick up the supplies and -- the boards I had pre-cut are the wrong length. CRAP. Yes, I can make it work. But I will have to really work at it rather than just slapping it up. Which means it isn't happening today. It's just NOT.

It is now 1:37. I am completely and totally exhausted. And I have accomplished NOTHING.



Dolly/TN said...

OMG!! An extra dose of blogage (is that a word?). You've had an extremely challenging day. My day started at 4am after staying up reading till 1. Sound asleep and the dog gagging next to my ear woke me up. Course, had to rush her outside and it was dark so I just left her to do her thing. She took so long, I just made coffee and said the heck with it, I'll stay up. That's the only thing I had to deal with.
The poor cat!!

Tammy S said...

Poor you and poor cat.

My solution? If cat's calm, find a good book, get something to drink, sit down, put feet up and read. Otherwise, calm kitty then do the rest.