Monday, November 21, 2011

The new version of Blogger WORKS!  Woot.

I now have a plan. 

Okay, I've gotten a couple of responses from other authors willing to visit.  I think the dignitary visits or reviews will be on Wednesdays. 

I will have a "Saturday Evening Post" which is just chatty, and a "Sunday Morning Breakfast Serial" which will be unedited fiction that I compose off the top of my head.

I have made edits in the beginning stages to the personal website at .  One of the big edits is letting go of the graphic novel page so that I could do the Author Information and Calendar.  The graphic novel deal pretty much fell through anyway, and I really wanted to have a place to link to the "Craft Corner" author advice bit on the Cat Adams page, and I wanted to create and link to a release calendar.  The idea is to gather into one spot all of the release dates for 2012 for author friends and favorites so that readers can pop over and find what's coming out when in one spot.  Of course this requires me actually GATHERING THE INFORMATION.  Which is something to be done another day.  I'm POOPED.  But happy.

Have a great evening folks.

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Tammy S said...

Wow, you've been busy and will be even busi(y)er (is that a word?)

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!