Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Okay, have been VERY busy on your behalf, and my behalf, which I guess makes it a bewhole.  (As opposed to a . . . never mind. :))

I'm in a very good mood, but have been busier than I ever imagined possible.  I'm:

1) getting my individual website ready for a big December launch, which entails
2) getting the release calendar pulled together, and linked to the personal website
3) I'm getting the posse gifts out to the posse and
4) pulling together a separate mailing list for the posse members so I can get them special alerts and presents and ask them to do stuff if they're willing. 
5) I've got a manuscript in the final stages of the first pass (out now to my son for review) and
6) am trying to figure out who I want for my individual beta readers. 
7) The next Celia book is at the editor and WILL need revisions.
8) I've re-launched the blog (here) and am
9) Launching the VISITING DIGNITARIES again.  This involves
10) CONTACTING and scheduling said dignitaries.  (Currently scheduled for every Wednesday starting next week, and I have scheduled ahead into March, so it's looking promising)
11) Doing questions for said dignitaries who want to be interviewed; and
12) Preparing to update the Craft Corner with the information I'm getting from said dignitaries.
13) doing business stuff with Cathy and
14) Putting together the December Newsletter
15) Having oral surgery
16) The day job
17) Getting ready for Christmas.

SO, if I seem a little frazzled, it's CAUSE I AM!


Tammy S said...

The only thing I can say to all that is WOW! You must be taking some great vitamins!

Dolly/TN said...

I thought my to do list was long. You win!
Don't wear yourself out please. We like having you back on your blog.