Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Meandering post . . .

Today typing in the address I put ciesBOG.  It kind of suits.  I'm feeling very bogged down lately.  I'm trying to get my head together, gather some momentum, really kick ass, but it's kind of hard to kick at all when you're knee deep in mud.  I have too many things going on in my mind, and too many of them are negative.  I need to look on the bright side.  Which I'm going to do here.


My teeth don't hurt any more.  I can't tell you how WONDERFUL that is.  Really.  The pain was hideous, and now it isn't.  That SOOOOOOOO rocks my world.

My health is basically pretty good.  Oh, there's the ongoing chronic stuff, but it's pretty minor really.  Considering how bad I was a decade ago, I never EVER would have imagined that I'd be able to do what I do easily today.

I'm employed.  My son is employed.  He's healthy and basically happy.

I have people and pets who love me and who I love.

I never have to go hungry.  (I probably SHOULD considering my weight, but we're looking for positives here, LOL).

And speaking of employed, it's time for the day job.  Gotta run.  Be well, be happy.



Jackie said...

As the original pessimist have found it is much easier to point out negatives no matter how many positives there are in our lives. Growing older and going through some harsh life lessons and coming out still breathing has made me appreciate what happens that is positive, when I remember that the alternatives especially. Chronic pain is my daily burden, on a positive note feeling that pain means I am still alive!

Damiano Versailles said...

Loved reading this thank yyou